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Planning a multi-family outing can be fun for kids but hectic for moms. If you’re organizing a day out among the hustle and bustle of Disney or Legoland, having smooth transportation can help alleviate some of the planning stress. National Charter Bus Orlando is here to help! Whether you’re a few moms organizing a play date or you’re a large group wrangling your kids together for a day, National Charter Bus offers a wide selection of safe transportation options. Mom groups can explore Orlando’s many kid-friendly places without needing to organize caravans or take on theme park traffic. 

Feeling unsure about whether a charter bus is the right transportation for your group outing? Keep on reading to learn more about National Charter Bus’s group transportation services! 

Simple Transportation Solutions with Kids

Transportation is usually easy to figure out with a small group, but if you’ve got a dozen or so moms and kids, you’ll probably have to put more thought into your Orlando travel plans. National Charter Bus has thorough experience in organizing group transportation for every type of occasion. 

All you need to do is let us know where you need to go, when you need to be there, and the number of travelers in your group. We’ll take care of the rest! One of our representatives will pick the right type of charter bus for your group and match you with a professional charter bus driver. Don’t worry about having a cramped van or too big of a charter bus, we rent a variety of minibuses and charter buses for groups of all sizes.

  • Are you putting together a small mommy and kids group trip to Legoland?
    • An 18-passenger minibus rental will be your best ride.
  • Or are you a chaperone helping plan a big field trip to Disney for your kid’s youth group?
    • A full-size charter bus has 56 seats and is the best option for school field trips, youth group outings, and other large travel occasions. 

Safe Charter Buses for Orlando Family Trips

When you book group transportation in Orlando with National Charter Bus, you won’t have to worry about safety. We prioritize safety for all of our passengers, but especially for groups traveling with kids. So on top of being spacious and operated by a professional driver, you can relax knowing your bus is safe for your group of kiddos. Every charter bus is thoroughly inspected before getting on the road. 

Convenient Features for Group Travel with Kids

Being stuck in traffic on I-4 is already the worst. And being stuck in traffic with a group of rambunctious kids? That ups the ante. Charter bus rentals can include convenient amenities to keep kids entertained on the way to and from your destination. Bring a fan-favorite Disney movie to play onboard your bus’s TVs or request a rental with WiFi for your group of older kids to play around on phones without draining their data. If you have to be stuck bumper to bumper on the highway, at least you’ll be in plush seats with handy amenities and a professional driver handling the roads for you!

The Best Orlando Charter Bus Services or Families 

Whatever your group’s transportation needs may be, National Charter Bus guarantees the best travel experience! If you have questions about renting a charter bus for your group of moms and kids, our team will be happy to help. We also offer free, no-obligation bus rental quotes if you’re curious about renting a personal ride for a theme park trip, group vacation, field trip, or any other occasion in Orlando! 

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