Same Day Tests (Flu & Covid-19) & more at AdventHealth Primary Care+


I don’t like waiting, especially when it comes to my health and knowing the results to tests. So when we had the chance to sit down with Dr. Jessica Curry to talk about the convenient services and same day tests and more at AdventHealth Primary Care+, I was pleased to say the least!

If you are a busy mom and you would rather listen to our interview, we’ve attached a video link here. 

Here are the takeaway points, to help you when considering AdventHealth Primary Care+ as your primary care provider!

What makes AdventHealth Primary Care+ different than your typical PCP office?

Dr. Curry – “One of the key features is access to care and convenience! Their office is open seven days a week from 8am-8pm on weekdays, and 8am-2pm on weekends. The weekend days aren’t limited to acute care; you can schedule a regular visit on the weekends!

AdventHealth Primary Care+ also has 24/7 staff with access to your health records!

Same day labs are a huge benefit at their location! So you can get your blood counts, electrolytes, COVID-19 results, etc!

Same day visits for established patients gives AdventHealth Primary Care+ that extra charm, making them different than other PCP offices.

AdventHealth Primary Care+ is taking a highly personalized approach to your whole health and wellness. You receive virtual access to both mental health counseling and nutritional counseling.”

Why is it important to have a primary care doctor?

Dr. Curry – “Primary Care doctors can monitor and provide care for you in whole care for prevention on issues you can’t see, not just treating the symptoms you do see. Additionally you can see your PCP for issues that you might otherwise go to the Emergency Room for. Your PCP knows you intimately.”

What extra safety measures do you have in place?

Dr. Curry – “AdventHealth Primary Care+ has paperless pre-registration, temperature checks, universal face masks and regular room cleaning. All of these measures are taken to make sure their facility is a safe environment.”

Will getting the flu shot lower my immune system?

Dr. Curry – “Absolutely not! We recommend the flu shot for everyone 6 months and older regardless if you have any medical conditions or not. Don’t wait until the peak season to get your flu shot! We recommend getting the flu shot in September, October and early November prior to the peak flu season. So RIGHT NOW! It’s good to get as much protections as you can for yourself and your loved ones.”

Are you prepared for COVID-19?

Dr. Curry – “Absolutely! We have the Rapid Antigen Test that gives you your test results within 10 minutes as opposed to other tests that can take 3 days! The benefit of the Rapid Antigen Test allows you to make immediate action for care, contact tracing, and quarantine. We also have the Rapid Flu Test as well!”

To watch the full interview, click on the link above. For more information visit:


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