Saying yes to “Yes Day”

Yes Day

It all started with this picture of Jennifer Garner on Instagram. 

First of all, if that’s the way Jennifer looked after a “Yes Day” with her 3 children, then there’s no hope for me. That’s the way I look at the end of most days when I’m just trying to balance it all. 

That photo got me thinking. How would my daughter react if I told her today was a Yes Day? Like most parents, I find myself saying no……. a lot. And most of the time it’s because I’m trying to fit in chores, planned activities, birthday parties, blogging projects, business projects, etc. But what if I said “YES” to her requests? Would I become the BEST MOM EVER or would I become a MOMSTER?  

Yes DayHere’s how my Yes Day went:

  • 7am breakfast. She asked for pancakes, banana, and Nutella……she only ate the Nutella
  • After breakfast – playtime with Dad before he leaves for work…which consisted of endless rounds of hide-and-seek
  •  10:30am she decides she wants to take a bath
  • 11:45am we leave for her surprise. We had tickets to Sesame Street Live. (Thanks to Orlando Moms Blog!)
  • 12:20pm – on our way to the show she spots a Panera Bakery and says she’s “SUPER HUNGRY” and needs food.
  • We stop at Panera. Normally I would say no because the show starts at 1pm but I remind myself to say yes. 
  • 12:30pm She’s eating lunch with no care in the world. Inside I’m stressing that we’re late for the show. 

Yes Day

  • 1pm – we get to the showYes Day
  • 1:30pm – I say yes to cookies and a snow cone in a souvenir cup that I know we’ll NEVER use again……she’s HAPPY

Yes Day

  • 3pm – I tell her we can go anywhere. She wants to go home
  • At home she colors, crafts and watches TV
  • 6:00pm she wants to go out for dinner  – no argument here! 
  • 8:00pm We head home and she’s in bed at the normal time. 

What I learned:

I really expected my daughter to want more, so I was really surprised that she just loved being at home most of the day. I always feel like I have to keep her busy so this Yes Day taught me that she’s happiest when she’s at home with her family. We played, crafted, baked, so it was an exhausting day but so worth it. 

There are those against having a Yes Day, but I think this is something I definitely want to keep doing.

Moms – have you had a Yes Day? If so, how did it go??

Yes Day



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