School’s Out!: {5 Easy Ways to Curb the Summer Slide}




With school out, wouldn’t it be nice to just let our kids have fun this summer?

No more being cooped up in a dusty building and confined to a desk. Let’s open our front doors and allow our kids to run free. Get some summer sun. Check out some cool parks, our city has to offer.

Wait a minute. During the 2-3 months with no school, our kids might forget everything they’ve learned, right? They could experience the “summer slide,” falling back in the reading skills and knowledge they’ve attained.

Hey, maybe we can make our end-of-the-school-year chocolate cake and eat it, too.

Give a little guided structure and then let our children play.

Here’s 5 tried and true ways to keep kids learning and still have time for fun!

1. Workbooks

Guide them through completed grade-level reading and math all-in-one workbooks (found at your local bookstore) Just a couple of pages a day is enough. The point is to keep learning.

2. Flashcards

Review math facts with flashcards (make your own, find online or at select department stores). Start with counting to 100 for kindergartners. For first and second graders work on addition and subtraction. Third and fourth graders can brush up on their multiplication.

3. Journaling
Find lined journals to encourage writing about things to be thankful for. (There’s always something to be thankful for!)

4. Library Resources
Take once a week library trips to fill a book basket (for quiet reading or reading aloud). The librarian can direct you to age appropriate books and state reading lists.

5. Technology
Download educational apps and websites. Using the computer is a great way for our visual learners to make gains over the summer.

A Little Structure is Worth it!

With only an hour or less of study time a day, our kids can keep learning and be ready for the new school year. Then there’s plenty of time for the freedom and fun of summer play.


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