Self-Care For the Win

The illusion of self-care is one that I have been chasing for some time. I love the idea of self-care. I need self-care…we all do. So why is it that self-care has been such a challenge for me to implement? A few minutes a day seems like such an effortless task. Then why is it the I just cant seem to do it? Until recently, self-care was such a hard thing to incorporate into my life.
I’ll tell you why….in my mind self-care always seemed like something that I would have to “go” do. It actually seemed more like a daunting task than something “for” me. Such as get my nails done or getting a massage.…I’ve always had this issue with wasting time and these seem like a waste of time for me. All I do when I am there is think of all the other things that I could be doing…making it more stressful than enjoyable! But I’ll tell you a secret- I have totally been overlooking so many simple things that I can be doing for myself that do not require me to “go” anywhere or spend any money. {#winning}
Incorporating self-care into our everyday lives is the easiest way to make sure that it gets done. Making it a priority on the never ending to-do list means that it is another box to check at the end of the day. For me – that system works. But, I had to find ways that worked with my lifestyle and that fit into my hectic schedule.

How I incorporated Self Care into my life

Taking a holistic approach to self-care {incorporating mind, body and soul} as opposed to always viewing it as a physical thing has really helped me focus and execute. Self-care is exactly what it states – taking care of one’s self. Putting ME as #1 and forcing ME time has been instrumental in me gaining mental clarity, focus and overall happiness. Such a shame that it took me this long to get here. {#momlife amiright?!}


Read – I love self-help books
DIY anything
Color in my “adult” coloring book
Take a social media hiatus


Go for a run or run
Get a massage (few and far between, but now I can enjoy it)
Do a 30 minute exercise video (YouTube, DVD, etc.)
Sit down and enjoy a cup of piping hot coffee with NO interruptions (this usually means I’m going to Starbucks- ALONE!)
Stress clean (you know you’ve done it)
Iron clothes & clean out closet (this happens regularly because I hate putting laundry away!)


Enjoy meditation time
Practice yoga
Focus on manifestation and positive affirmations
Write in my gratitude book
The majority of my self-care can be done at home, making it easier to execute on. So tell me mommas, what form of self-care is your favorite? What can I add to my list??


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