Have you ever noticed that the days when your kids are B-O-R-E-D are the days when you just can’t? It’s like they can sense when you are exhausted (or hungover, I won’t judge!) to decide to climb on you demanding Pinterest perfect crafts and activities. Or maybe it is too hot or too rainy to leave the house when they are finally sick of watching video game playthrough videos or watching their flavor of the week show. 

I Hear You.

I Am You.

I Am Going to Help You.

Here are simple crafts and activities… for when it’s too hot and you’re too tired!

Let’s start with the classics.

LEGOS, Play-Doh, and crayons and coloring books. These might be old standbys or your kids might have “aged out” of playing with them on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean they are 100% off the table. Add a twist. Give challenges with rewards! Maybe it’s an extra cookie with lunch or shiny quarter for their piggy bank…it doesn’t have to be anything big or crazy to get those kids thinking and working. 

Use YouTube for good not EVIL.

  1. Have a dance party! One of my daughter’s favorite channels is Kidz Bop…I hate it, but she loves it and that makes it worthwhile. Encourage your kids to choreograph a performance complete with costumes from their dress up trunk or closet because costumes are EVERYTHING. Bonus: record your kids performances and put them up on your Facebook or Instagram (if you do that) and have friends vote on their favorite!
  2. Learn a new skill. Does your kid have a recorder from music class? Maybe a yoyo that they HAD to have last time you went to 5 Below? Perhaps you have some yarn and a crochet hook or knitting needles hiding in a closet somewhere. Look up videos for your kids to perfect their skills.

Get ’em in the kitchen.

I know. I know. Depending on the age and excitement level of your child this might be exhausting, but hear me out. I have put in the work teaching my older two kids a few simple skills like how to make eggs (scrambled and fried), make PB&J sandwiches, and make instant oatmeal and it is LIFE CHANGING. Sure these are skills that they need anyway, but you know what happens when your kids know this stuff? THEY CAN MAKE BREAKFAST OR LUNCH OCCASIONALLY…and it won’t all be processed and packaged. If you feel adventurous check out some of our favorite recipes!

Bust out your camera!

  1. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt around the house, but make them take pictures of the items with your phone or a point and shoot camera. Include simple things that they will 100% be able to find (their favorite stuffy or blankie) and some harder ones (a deck of cards or specific figurine). 
  2. Two words – FASHION SHOW. Have your kids put on a fashion show (with or without a theme!) and take pictures and modeling headshots. You could even print them and make a collage! 

You Can Do It.

Just remember that no matter how hard the day – you can do it. Mommin ain’t easy and you are killing it!


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