Real talk, ladies. Adulting is hard. Motherhood can suck (for lack of a better word). And there are few things in the season of life with young children and career growth that make you want to burst out of your skin excited like an upcoming vacation. Even vacation at this stage is precarious – often peppered with moments of dread and all-out regret.

If ever something was the best decision of your life it’s vacation, and also the worst. Then much like childbirth, we revel in the fruits of our labor. We take in the view, breathe the exotic air, and our hearts runneth over to be together without anything to do but be together. And just like that, the dread and regret fall away leaving us with a longing to do it all over again. My family and I are on the cusp of such an adventure.

My house is a disaster. Our “packing” currently consists of a table piled high with “to pack” items. Fishing poles, snacks, tablets, wine and such. I am lobbying between procrastination and dread. Naturally, of course, this would have me sitting on my computer doing some last minute meal planning – momentarily focused entirely on s’mores. Undoubtedly American and synonymous with summer, s’mores are a must for a vacation (or staycation) menu.

The conclusion I have come to over the past 30 minutes is that, well, we could eat a different variety of s’mores every night of our two-week trip if desired. They aren’t my own – because, vacation mode. But, I have rounded up some of the most mouthwatering options. Sweet to savory there is something for everyone!

[yumprint-recipe id=’10’]

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[yumprint-recipe id=’12’]



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