Summer Must Haves

Summer fun calls for a few Summer Must Haves, sure to make life easier!

The sun is out and the water is calling! Seasoned moms know that keeping cool and feeling fresh are the best ways to enjoy summer! There a few Summer Must Haves, essentials and accessories to help the kids (and of course Mom) get through these dog days of summer.
Here is your everything-summer guide featuring summer products for moms, ways to protect everyone’s skin, summer camp essentials and a few fun accessories and activities for the kids!
Whether you have a summer bucket list, love to read or are sending the kids to summer camp, you’ll love our summer must haves guide!

Summer Must Haves at the Pool

A relaxing day at the pool warrants a fun pool float, light-weight sun protection and a cold drink to keep you hydrated!

Save your Lips
summer must haves

Perfect for your to-go beverages! There’s a safe and all-natural way to achieve luscious, healthy, and young-looking lips that doesn’t take a trip to a doctor’s office! It all has to do with how you use a straw. LipSips is the reusable food-grade silicone device that prevents lip wrinkles. Attach it to any drinking straw and enjoy a better way to drink your favorite beverages anywhere!

SPF 25 Moisturizer
summer must haves

With an antioxidant-rich formula and sun protection, this everyday lotion from Spa Technologies helps protect your skin against environmental damage and stressors. Lightweight and creamy with a mild fruit scent, it absorbs quickly, leaves no white residue, and provides the ideal base under makeup.

Wet Bag

Pack up any spills or splashes in this ocean-themed Wet Bag. The better alternative to stashing things in plastic grocery bags, these reusable Wet Bags are made from a waterproof fabric and feature heat-sealed seams for true waterproof protection. A smooth zipper closure locks away the mess, and single-ply construction means no worrying about icky stuff growing between layers of fabric. Wet bags are great for carrying diapers, dirty gym clothes, and wet swimsuits.

Pool Candy Float

With an antioxidant-rich formula and sun protection, this everyday lotion helps protect your skin against environmental damage and stressors. Lightweight and creamy with a mild fruit scent, it absorbs quickly, leaves no white residue, and provides the ideal base under makeup.

Botanical Bamboo Wet Wipes

Uniquely hypo-allergenic, the first fully flushable, all-safe bamboo body wipes – for babies, kids and adults.

It’s the newest product being launched in the increasingly popular Bim Bam Boo bamboo toilet paper line.

  • All bamboo – no tree wood pulp
  • No BPA
  • No Chlorine
  • pH-neutral
  • Plant-based: Made with aloe-vera and cucumber
  • Optimally sized at 56 square inches
Mobile HotSpot for 10 Devices

For parents tired of forking over their phones hot spot to keep their kids happy and occupied with their own personal electronics on the road – there is an easy solution.
Solis is a palm-sized global mobile Wi-Fi hot spot that can link up to 10 devices at once!
Plus you won’t have the same limitations that some phone hotspots have – like no hotspot streaming.  And Solis is also much better at picking up signals which can provide much better, faster internet access.

Summer Must Haves at the Beach

A day at the beach calls for the typical essentials, and a few more things to make it a snack filled, fun {and safe} in the sun day!

Sun Patch Protection
summer must haves

We love the sun but hate the effects it has on our skin. Sun Patches are designed to protect your extra sun-sensitive areas against harmful UV rays.

Sun Patch is the only peel-and-stick UPF+ silicone sunblock on the market (UPF measures the amount of radiation that can penetrate fabric to reach your skin). Think of it as an accessory to your sunscreen.

The patches feel like a second skin and come in cool neon stickers in bright colors, with neutral options coming soon.

Goodbye damage, hello sunshine!

Reef Friendly Sunscreen
summer must haves

Imagine having silky soft, nourished skin while also keeping it protected from harsh sun rays! SUNPLUS is the sunscreen that has you covered no matter the activity. It’s a luxury lotion of vitamins, rich and multi-level moisturizers, antioxidants, and skin-loving superfoods. The sunscreen line gives protection from the sun’s harmful rays while moisturizing, soothing, and guarding skin against pollutants and premature aging. Enjoy a moisturizing sunscreen that won’t sting your eyes and is gentle on sensitive skin, plus water-resistant and sweat-proof. Kind to the skin and the planet, the packaging is vegetable-based and ingredients are biodegradable and ocean and reef safe.

No Nut Peanut Snacks
summer must haves

Festive Chickpeas are the WORLD’S FIRST NO NUT PEANUT! A healthy and flavorful snack for on-the-go summer fun! Festive Chickpeas have ZERO preservatives, are non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free and are 100% veganto accommodate every snacker’s lifestyle.

And aside from being plentiful with protein and nutritious, they’re exploding with flavor! Each pocket-sized bag is abundant in fiber, iron and potassium, has 10 grams of protein and no trans fats. The crispy chickpeas are dusted with ocean-fresh sea salt – making them an easy and equally satiating alternative to potato chips.

On the Go Snack Sticks

Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sticks are the perfect, portable protein snack to keep you fueled through the day, the right way – without the high sugars or empty carbs found in other snacks.

They were the first brand to feature mini .05oz sticks, and now offer them in four family-friendly flavors made from beef, pork and turkey.

WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent

This portable beach tent with a large space (which comfortably fits 2-3 people) weighs just 3.8 lbs! It is so perfect for a day at the beach because it folds down to a travel size of 20″ L x 20″ W x 1.38″ H. 

The innovative sandbag design fitted with a tightening string allows you to pour sand in and out within seconds. And 4 wind ropes are added to make it hard to be blown down in windy conditions.

The pop up tent is made of polyester and eco-friendly silver coating that effectively blocks up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is UPF 50+ and water-repellent, so it will keep you dry and relaxed if it drizzles.


Yipes! wipes are made with 99% plant-derived ingredients and 98% water, plus they are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. formulated without parabens, phthalates and petrolatum.

Yipes! kids wipes effectively clean faces and hands. as parents, we created Yipes! wipes to encourage kids to develop independent, healthy habits. each individual wet wipe is easy for kids to open on their own. our canister is easy to open, pull and close.

Each wet wipe is 94% biodegradable, compostable, not tested on animals, vegan and made in USA.

Summer Must Haves for Campers

Send your kids to summer camp with everything they need! From labels to UV protection and deodorant, they will be protected on all fronts!


SPOTMYUV® is the world’s first clinically proven UV Detection Sticker that gives you a personalized reminder of when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen. As you run, swim, sweat, and play, SPOTMYUV’s® patented Dermatrue™ skin mimicking technology interacts with sunscreen like your skin, giving you a clear view of your sun protection in real time.

One sticker works all day to show you when to reapply sunscreen.
Mabels Labels

Mabel’s Labels summer camp and back-to-school collections include all the durable, waterproof labels needed to keep your child’s things out of the lost and found. With new, on-trend designs for children of all ages, Mabel’s Labels make it simple to identify belongings… from camping gear, backpacks and lunchboxes to clothing, school supplies and more! Plus, their Water Bottle Bands are the perfect reusable accessory to personalize your kiddo’s water bottle.

Starling Deoderent
Perfect for summer fun, camp, sports and more, allergen-free and chemical-free children’s deodorants from Starling Skincare keep children smelling fresh all day! Gentle enough for tweens and teens, each deodorant is made without aluminum or synthetic fragrances, so it is safe to use and non-irritating for kids. Three varieties are available, including Force Field, Birthday Cake and Birthday Cake Sensitive.
Lip Protection
summer must haves

IceCream Sunscreen lip balm has been making a big splash! This reef-friendly, water-resistant, animal cruelty free, sulfate free, parabens free sunscreen lip balm is made for all ages. IceCream Sunscreens SPF15 lip balm comes in an array of flavors and is ultra-moisturizing.

Maui Vera Sunscreen

No child wants to miss out on summer camp fun because of a terrible sunburn so don’t forget to pack the sunscreen! Protect your child from the harsh rays of the summer sun with Reef-Friendly SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen and Organic Sunburn & After Sun Gel. What makes them stand apart is the products are reef friendly and made of 70% organic ingredients.

Clean Age

Don’t let your kid be the stinky one at camp, send them off with Clean Age! Clean Age meets the needs of today’s gen Z for gender-neutral personal care essentials that are all-natural and smell great. From deodorants to oral hygiene products, teens can feel comfortable in their own skin. The line of daily essentials is good for the earth and good for humans. Everything is recyclable, bamboo, biodegradable, and creatively different from contenders, such as milk carton packaging for the toothpaste tabs!

First Aid Kit
First aid on-the-go! The handy, compact Keep Going First Aid Kit has 130 pieces of essential first aid supplies, from burn relief to bandages, so your child will be ready for anything! TSA approved, the lightweight kit is packaged in an organized, stylish water & stain-resistant case for camp, school or on-the-go. Created by a mom of four, the Keep Going First Aid Kit is an essential for the entire family. Four kits are available, including the SuperKit (270 pieces), GoKit (130 pieces), Loaded MiniKit (60 pieces) and KidsKit (44 pieces). A variety of stylish, trendy patterns and colors are available.
Fully Charged Allergy-Friendly Snacks

Sweet, delicious & healthy, these mini muffins, donut drops and brownie bites are light & satisfying. For those concerned about food allergies, Fully Charged Snacks are free from the top 8 common food allergens, but big on flavor. In a convenient pouch, Fully Charged Allergy-Friendly Snacks provide a quick snack or treat anytime! There are 5 delicious flavors to enjoy, including NEW Cinnamon Churro Donut Drops, Very Berry Mini Muffins, Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites, Lemon Blueberry Mini-Muffins & Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins. Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free & Nut-Free. This black-women owned business is run by a dynamic mother & daughter duo who want to provide tasty, allergy-friendly snacks to all!

From lunches and s’mores to hiking and sports, your camper will be ready to get a ‘soap and water clean’ anytime, anywhere! Individually packaged and perfect for on-the-go, Handzies Soap + Water Wipes give you fresh, clean hands using only natural castile soap, water and essential oils. Say goodbye to harsh hand sanitizers, Handzies do not contain alcohol, BZK, triclosan, artificial perfumes or dyes. Perfect for tucking in lunchboxes and backpacks, too.
Insulated Lunch Box Soft Cooler

This lunch cooler is perfect for a day at summer camp!

The lunch bag is made of insulated material which can keep foods and drinks cool or warm for more than 5 hours. The wide open design is for easy access and it can prevent liquids from leaking out of the container and soiling inside the bag, which will saves your cleaning time.

The exterior of the bag is constructed out of water-resistant and dirt-proof oxford fabric for durability, water proofing and easy cleaning. Strong linen handles and heavy duty nylon connect by dense stitching that make the bag extremely durable for a day at camp.

Reusable Storage Bag

For you or your little one – these bags make excellent organizers for diaper bags, toys, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, and more. The better alternative to single-use plastic bags, our reusable bags are perfect toiletry / travel bags.

These clear-sided 3-pack bags are TSA compliant, making it easy to go from your day-to-day and then through security with your carry-on. Made from waterproof, easy-wipe, stain and odor resistant fabric.


Perfumes and colognes are the perfect accessory for your outfit and everyday life, helping you feel your best by giving you extra confidence to take on the world.

But with the prices of brand name perfumes skyrocketing, it can be difficult to find a cost-effective way to experiment with different fragrances. is the premier online store for 99¢ samples! Now you can try exclusive fragrances from all your favorite brands and get the perfect scent that leaves a lasting impression. And if you’re happy with any of the popular perfumes, you can purchase the full-size bottle directly at a low price and with free shipping!

Summer Must Haves for the Littles

The sun can be tough on little ones, from protecting their skin to good sleep, keep them happy this summer with these essentials!

Earth Baby
summer must haves

Be prepared during all of your outdoor activities with your baby by bringing along all of your favorite products from Earth Baby! Committed to using certified organic fruit and vegetable-based ingredients, Earth Baby’s products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body.

Earth Baby products provide immediate moisturization and superior hydration, emollient oils and vitamins with a time-controlled release, and dramatically reduced need for high levels of UV filters.

Swim Set

Your little one will look adorable from top to bottom in this matching swim diaper and sun hat set. Made from certified UPF 50+ fabric, this set offers sun protection* at the pool, beach, or splash pad. Soft but durable, the swim diaper has snug elasticized waist and leg openings, helping to contain any solid messes, while a matching sun hat with adjustable drawstring provides shade for sweet little faces. Machine washable, the reusable swim diaper provides an eco-friendly option to disposable swim diapers.

summer must haves

This essential snack cup + suction dining bowl + steamer (YES! It does ALL that!) is a baby gear essential for mealtime at home and on the go.  New from morepeas and made with reusable & built to last silicone.

The top lid reverses to create a suction base to avoid spills & helps kids learn to self-feed AND it is a pill-proof snack lid with a soft opening! It has easy-grip handle so you can tether to toys, stroller, car seat & more. Quick steam & strain veggies in the microwave and use the built-in measurement markers for simple prep.

Wet/Dry Bag

Take messages of kindness with you while you’re on the go! The better alternative to stashing things in plastic grocery bags, Bumkins Wet/Dry Bags are made from a waterproof fabric. They have two zippered compartments to keep wet and dry items separate. Heat-sealed seams provide true waterproof protection and help lock away odors. Use Wet/Dry bags for carrying diapers, dirty gym clothes, beach gear, or wet swimsuits. With a snap handle, snap your bag wherever you need it – stroller, changing table, or suitcase. Bags are non-gusseted, non-insulated and non-stretch.


This Silicone Grip Dish is perfect for little ones learning to self-feed. The divided plate is sized just for toddler portions. A strong suction base ensures it stays put – perfect for summer outings! Sticks to most tables. A straight side allows kids to belly up to the plate, allowing less of a mess. Silicone can withstand low and high temperatures, easily transitioning from the refrigerator or freezer to the oven or microwave. Made with 100% food-safe silicone that’s durable, stain and bacteria resistant.


Neatsheets are a creatively-created wearable napkin that easily adheres to clothing to protect from spills and drips while eating, driving, doing crafts and more. This — isn’t your grandparents’ traditional bib. 

More dignified than a bib, more effective than a typical napkin, NEATsheets come with two easy-to-use, peel-and-stick adhesive tabs making them a much better solution to cloth bibs, clothing protectors and napkins.

The front absorbs spills while the back repels liquids, providing protection for clothes and easy clean-up. Spills happen. Stains shouldn’t.

They are also great for messy activities, as a placemat on-the-go, when applying make-up and more.


Mom & Me fragrance sprays are unisex, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and manufactured in Europe under the highest quality controls. Each fragrance is inspired by Mediterranean scents that leaves everyone smelling great!.

Each fragrance is carefully crafted and infused with prebiotic and vitamin B3 to enhance their properties and freshness, leaving a soft scent behind safe for even the most sensitive skins. Formulas are clean and natural, IFRA Conformity standards certified for babies and free of toxic ingredients to ensure that these colognes are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. All of our products are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors or dyes, GMOs, and Gluten Free.


Grab a spot on the beach for you and baby, we’ve got the perfect ocean-themed baby blanket for long days by the sea! Made from softest organic cotton, this baby keepsake is full of beauty and whimsy.

Using techniques such as intarsia and embroidery, our wonderful knitters have captured the wonder and joy of those amazing creatures living under the sea! Pairs perfectly with our “Under the Sea” Romper.

Organic Baby Blanket-Under the Sea is Handknit in Peru from organic cotton.

Not only will your kids look amazing in Sunnies, but you can rest easy knowing their eyes are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunnies sunglasses come standard with polarized lenses and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Now available in fun prints!
  • Polarized lenses: Reducing glare and making images appear sharper and clearer for your kiddos
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Reflective lenses
  • Durable frames: made to fit all kids lifestyles and activity levels
  • Anti slip material: made with a special coating on the frame to help prevent slippage while your kids play with ease!
  • For kids 4-12 years old
  • Includes a microfiber-carrying pouch for easy care and storage

Summer Must Haves for a Vacation

Whether you’re headed on a family vacation or a mini staycation, these will make the trip even better!

Arze Rejuvenating Facial Serum Gel

Look FLAWLESS with A R Z É while visiting your local hotspots this summer! It is the all-natural vegan skincare brand that offers a collection of natural beauty and wellness products using pure luxe and cruelty-free botanical blends. The eco-friendly brand is sustainable using recyclable glass jars and bottles! Their heavenly Facial Serum Gels, helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while sealing in hydration. Perfect for vacation prep!

FGBG Summer Glow Tanning Gummiex

Get your tan on before you hit the beach! Meet FGBG Lifestyle, a fun brand of yummy women’s vitamins, wellness supplements, and tanning gummies that set the mood for a healthy, glowing spring and summer ahead. Each tanning gummy is packed with a combination of essential nutrients and antioxidants that trigger natural melanin production while promoting healthy skin.

Be Mystique
AE Plumping Serum

Get ready for your staycation with Amber Ember’s Plumping Serum. Ambered Ember is the ultimate support to your radiant self. Made entirely with only natural ingredients, the secret to Ambered Ember’s Plumping Serum is their key ingredients. By using silica to bind degenerating tissue layers, Apricot oil to hydrate skin, and L-Arginine to boost circulation, their serum promotes immediate and long-term regeneration benefits. Ambered Ember knows that boosting your skin’s natural moisture and protective barrier is crucial to achieving that youthful glow. No more dry skin or dull faces looking back at you in the mirror.

OSD Coconut Body Scrub


Coconut body scrub exfoliates your skin, promoting better metabolism, and cell regeneration. Coconut rich in antioxidants moisturizes dry skin and helps keep skin flexible.

Calendula and other plant extracts promote skin tightness, which reduces day-to-day damage, and it increases hydration within the skin which soothe the look of skin. Gently exfoliate, removing dry and dead skin cells while promoting fresh, healthier, and younger looking skin.


Atrac Keychain Wristlet

Designed for convenience while being a tourist in your own city! ATRAC is almost like a snap bracelet but with magnets that you can “slap” or “wrap” around your purse/backpack strap without losing them. They stay in place! They also hang from your wrist or gym pants! You can even hang it from your bathing suit bottoms! The magnets are that strong and secure. ATRAC is designed to keep your keys and or cellphone right where they are supposed to be so you don’t have to spend minutes rummaging through your purse. The patent-pending strap is high quality vegan leather and made to look like a luxurious accessory for any activity in your life.

Food Prep Jars

Make and prep meals and snacks for travel with your little ones with the Glass Prep Jars from KeaBabies! From perfectly portioned yogurt + fruit, applesauce or purees, and small finger foods, such as crackers, the airtight, leak-proof lids seal in freshness and prevent spills while on-the-go! The jars are dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe and microwavable, too. BPA-Free.

Travel Bags

Travel in style and neatly organized. Bumkins Clear Travel Bags make excellent toiletry/travel bags for your summer trips. An alternative to single-use plastic bags, these reusable bags are fantastic organizers for accessories, cosmetics, electronics, and more. The bags are TSA compliant, making it easy to transition from day-to-day use to clearing airport security in your carry-on. Made from Bumkins’ lightweight, durable, waterproof fabric with a clear front to show off the colorful print. Wipe and spot clean only.

Boob-eez Headlight Hiders
  • Enjoy seamless coverage under swimwear, activewear, and everyday clothes.
  • Made from 100% mineral-based silicone and washable adhesive
  • Ultra-thin, flexible edges blend into your skin and the matte finish won’t reflect light underneath your clothing
  • Tinted in Light, Medium, and Dark to transcend skin tone
  • Available in 6cm and 8cm sizes
Carry All

Made with vegan leather, Eve is simple and chic; perfect for your day-to-day life. This lightweight bag features a zipper closure and two straps so it can be worn as a crossbody bag or a handbag. It’s the perfect casual shoulder bag or the perfect lightweight bag for your next vacation.

Summer Must Have Activities

No more “I’m bored!” this summer! Keep the kids busy on a rainy day or a chill day at home!

Hullabaloo Book Co

Help your child stay on top of summer reading with a new book each month from Hullabaloo Book Co. Parents nationwide are signing up for Hullabaloo, a highly-curated children’s book and gifting subscription, which also includes ‘Go Beyond the Book Activity’ Packs. The heartwarming, educational offerings come at a time our children need it most. Every book arrives in a personalized package while being hand-selected and approved by their “Family Reader Circle,” a group of parents, teachers, counselors, and pediatricians with little reader’s best interest in mind and at heart.

Sketch Pads

Welcome to the new face of doodling with Sketch Pals. The perfect travel companion, Sketch Pals feature a tethered stylus and easily clip to any backpack or car seat for on-the-go entertainment without the need to keep up with separate pieces. Explore all the Sketch Pals Collections and unleash creative fun wherever you may go.

Tulip Color Crafts

Entertain the kids at home with Tulip Color Crafts! They offer premium products for us to create this timeless fashion trend for unique attire, art, and accessories. More than simply a ’70s vibe, tie-dye speaks to our need to feel carefree and get our hands busy crafting original patterns that are truly our own. People of all ages have been obsessed with tie-dying their clothes lately. The brand is super fun for parties, everyday crafters, and family activities. Get bold, non-toxic color in every bottle with a simple one-step process. Just add water, shake, and apply for vibrant color that lasts wash after washing.

Time to Bake
summer must haves

I’m The Chef Too! is the coolest subscription kit created by a mother/educator that infuses educational concepts into recipes to make learning fun, engaging, and tasty! Each month, new adventures are released that blend food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun! Kids can learn about outer space as they whip up galaxy donuts, engineer erupting volcano cake as they learn about chemical reactions, or even discover geology as they bake cupcake geodes, the adventures are endless! There’s never a shortage of STEAM ideas to get young minds thinking and learning in the kitchen during the summer months off of school!

Color My Cookie
female founded brands

Color My Cookie is an activity that goes beyond your typical arts & crafts day- you also can eat your masterpiece!

Decorate cookies like a pro with edible watercolors, paintbrushes, icing, sprinkles & edible decor, and online cookie decorating tips!

These paint-your-own tasty cookie sets from Color My Cookie come pre-iced with edible watercolors and sprinkles, making them the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Stomp Rocket®
kid jumping on stomp rocket

Stomp Rocket® is the ultimate backyard toy your kids won’t be able to get enough of!

Just set up the base and STOMP to see the rockets fly. No batteries required, and it helps teach STEM-based principles such as gravity, motion, and force. Various rocket sets are available from ages 3 and 9+.

Summer Must Haves Just for Mom

Even though it feels like 1,000 degrees outside, we can still look cute and feel fresh this summer!

In Style Top
summer must haves

Keep it cute and casual this summer with this Veronica M cheery yellow floral blouse! The brand expertly combines classic styles and vintage patterns with a bohemian twist to create statement pieces and closet staples. All offerings are versatile and comfy, designed intentionally for how today’s women live their lives from day to night.

Swim Suit for All
summer must haves

The recycled bottle to suit brand, SWIMINISTA is known for pioneering an uplifting swimwear experience. Fully adjustable, personalized fits in XS-XL and top sizes A-DD provide ultra-flattering support for every distinctive silhouette while the brand’s environmentally-conscious approach proactively reduces the industry’s carbon footprint. Whether you’re rocking the bikini and belly or putting on the suit post pregnancy, SWIMINISTA has your back for the most flattering fit.

Goes with Everything
summer must haves

Look ever so classy and extra chic while you’re enjoying your summer vacation! The revival of Andrea Carrano, the original creator of high-end luxury leather shoes, is proof that good quality never goes out of style. Andrea Carrano has been synonymous with luxury favorites for decades and that hasn’t changed today (the brand was worn by Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn!). They continue to make everything by hand in Naples, Italy, using only the highest quality leather and fabrics and crafted by the finest leatherworkers.

Refresh Hair

Incredibly easy to use with loads of lather, Jack59 shampoo bars offer 80+ washes if stored properly. No matter your hair type, they have a bar for you. Jack59 sulfate free shampoo bars are pH balanced between 4.5-5.5 and environmentally friendly. Our bars are 100% vegan, silicone free and we have many gluten free options.

Wet the bar, wet your hair, lather in your hands or lather directly on your hair, massage throughout the length and then rinse out.

Soothe Skin
summer must haves

Relax and rejuvenate with this soothing Jojoba oil based bath tonic and spot treatment naturally rich in vitamins that help soften, nourish, and restore sensitive skin.

Infused with ingredients like Cedar Wood and Oregon Grape, our signature Tonic can be used as a spot treatment to address discomfort associated with yeast and bacterial infections, as well as general irritation from sex, clothing, or exercise.

Restore Skin
summer must haves

The Good Stuff Ootanga Mist contains over 90% Organic Watermelon Hydrosol which contains one of the highest natural forms of lycopene. When applied topically it provides a lot of skincare benefits for sun-damaged skin. Lycopene amplifies the skin’s natural healing process, defending it against damage from various external toxins, keeping it looking vibrant, hydrated, dewy, and youthful. Besides adding extra moisture, and improving skin’s texture and elasticity, lycopene also helps repair damaged skin cells.

Summer Must Haves for Relaxing

Put the kids to bed early, throw on some cozy clothes, grab a vino and have some fun!

Wine Purifier
summer must haves

Imagine no more headaches or other side effects that come after enjoying that beloved glass. Thanks to PureWine, you no longer have to suffer as it offers two unique filtration systems that eliminate the histamines and sulfites that cause wine allergies without altering the flavor of your delicious reds and whites.

Bamboo Lounge Set
summer must haves

Luxurious jammies are perfect for curling up in your favorite chair after a long day at the beach or pool. Designed for comfort, this Bamboo Women’s Jogger Pajama Set includes a long sleeve crew and jogger-style pants.

The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge is a mystery scratch-off book with 50 creative adventures…The catch? You don’t know what you’re doing until you scratch it off! Each adventure is designed to explore outside your habits, dive deeper into your relationship, and make meaningful memories. Once it’s scratched off, you HAVE to do it. It’s time to discover something new about yourself!

Trivia Game
summer must haves

Put your lyric knowledge to the test with Lyrically Correct, a head-to-head trivia game created for the music enthusiast. Invented by two couples seeking to level up their game nights during quarantine, Lyrically Correct makes the vibe as lit or as competitive as you want it to be.

Summer Must Haves Perfect for Anywhere

Keep your Drink Cold
summer must haves

Different than traditional coozies, NECTR is made with tons of features that all work together to keep your drink cold and the energy fun.

Ideal for the beach, pool, boats, and life on the go!

Ninepine Athletic Wear

Build your wardrobe with the sleek, minimalistic, and beautiful athletic wear from Ninepine. Intentionally designed with purpose for the modern-day, Ninepine provides timeless, yet versatile athletic wear staples to fit in your everyday life. This brand allows you to go from early morning runs and sunrise yoga to unwinding on the couch after a long day with their sustainable and fashionable apparel. Ninepine strives to create pieces that not only feel good to wear but are also as sustainable as possible. While there isn’t a way to be 100%, they are taking steps to offset and reduce their carbon footprint and impact.

Cute Sandals

The perfect sandals for any adventure this summer! Empty Provisions Footwear is an ethical line of footwear that is committed to designing and producing items that are sustainable, comfortable, and stylish.

Carry All with Kids
summer must haves

The perfect bag to hold all your kid essentials for summer outings! Urban Originals creates drop-dead gorgeous bags that are uber practical, without using any animal leather. The brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Urban Originals uses the finest quality vegan leathers and recycled materials where possible and works to very low chemical requirements. So when you buy Urban Originals, you can feel as good as you look.

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