Super Pregnant: Florida Summers


Being pregnant is a blessing, a beautiful blessing; so, don’t get me wrong when I say… being pregnant during a Florida summer is the absolute worst, because it is. If I had the ability, the luxury really, to choose when I became pregnant it would be August. Florida Summers are hot, I would prefer to be as newly pregnant as possible. What a wonderful journey that would be; 5 months pregnant come the holidays, full-term in the Spring. What a dream!

I’ve never been able to live that dream. My first born; a beautiful baby boy due July 21st, born August 6th. Good Lord! 40 weeks pregnant in the hottest month of Florida, oh yeah you bet I loved that. I could barely get comfortable as it was on a couch inside with blasting A/C. Walking to and from my vehicle in the scorching sun and unbearable humidity was an entirely different ball game. Florida Summers are rough. Florida Summers and being super pregnant, brutal.

Fast forward two years, pregnant again with a healthy little bean. What’s my due date doc? October 10th, okay I can handle this. No big deal. I mean 7-months pregnant in the hottest month of the year is nothing compared to 9-months pregnant in the hottest month of the year… right? Wrong. Is it getting hotter each year!? I mean seriously, Summer of 2014 was miserable but seemed manageable for the most part. This current Summer is intense, really intense. June was unpleasantly humid and hot, now we’re only a week into July and I can barely load groceries in my car without breaking a sweat.


pregnant-in-FL-summer2So what about some positives of being pregnant during the Summer? Yes, even super pregnant.

Flip flops.

Easy shoes, no buckles, no laces, no shoving those big ole’ boots on with a big belly. Swollen ankles? No problem I have my flip flops!

Ice Cream.

Not only are you pregnant, you’re super pregnant. It’s also Summer in Florida. You can feed your craving for sweets and cool down at anytime of the day!

Maxi Dresses.

No layers of clothing in the hot Summer sun. In addition to those easy flip flops, throw on a maxi dress and call it a day… or your yoga pants, whichever you prefer.


What?? Absolutely. Bladder problems are a real thing, especially after birthing multiple children. Not that you want to share when it happens but if it does and you happen to be dipping in the ocean, no one will know a damn thing.

All-in-all I think the positives outweigh the negatives by a long shot. After all, I’ll be meeting my second child soon; our baby girl. But goodness this heat is really doing a number on us all! Stay hydrated and have a wonderful Summer mamas!

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