Calling all boy moms out there!

Tell me that the constant throwing of EVERYTHING is normal??

Apparently, my son has been charged with the responsibility of proving the law of gravity is false on a daily basis. He throws anything he gets his hands on. Sometimes it’s just up in the air or across the room, other times it is at people or pets. He does not throw maliciously or in fits of anger. He just throws. He has a good arm, which spells trouble when he is throwing everything else but the one million and one balls that he owns. The pediatrician assures me that most boys test gravity and this is normal. OK, that is fine as long as he is not chucking his cars at the dog or sending a line drive of dirt and bark into the face of the little girl on the playground.

So how do you teach a two-year old boy that throwing is OK… but only sometimes? How do I tame the throw? Ugh, not easy. My initial innate disciplining tactics have not been working, so I have resorted to doing some research. After hours of reading, I have compiled an action plan to tame the throw. Here is what I have come up with:

taming the throw

Taming the Throw

If I am able to anticipate the throw (which is not often because it usually comes out of left field – pun intended) then:

Step 1: Grab his arm and gently pull it down to his side.

Step 2: Repeat the general statement: “This item (ie car, hammer, dirt) in your hand is not meant for throwing.

Step 3: Demonstrate the “normal” use of the item in his hand while stating: “This item is meant to…”

Step 4: Find something he can throw safely. Repeat the general statement: “The ball is for throwing.”

If I am unable to anticipate the throw, I immediately grab the thrown item and start with Step 2 above.

If he continues to throw the item, then I remove the item and remove him from the situation all while repeating Step 2 and Step 3.

Does it work?

I can’t say it has been an immediate success. I think this behavior is one that is going to require A LOT of repetition because, boy does this little guy like to throw. Maybe, one day I will look back on this time and laugh as I watch him playing major league baseball. But, for now we will keep working on taming the throw.

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