Teething. Please Pass the Wine.


Teething. Please Pass the Wine.

You would think that by baby #4, I would be an expert on teething, but I still feel like I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing. I still Google way too much stuff, read too much Web MD symptom checker and call the doctor for everything. Did I mention this is my 4th child?!?!?! {insert UGH face here}

I absolutely LOVE the baby stage. LOVE it. But I hate teething. It is by far the worst part of YEAR ONE. How quickly I forget about certain things…hence the constant Google and Web MD visits {shhhh don’t tell my husband, it makes him crazy}

But for real, I can easily get through the first 3 months of worry. And all of the sleepless nights {thank you coffee}. I can handle the blowouts. It is the teething that I just can not seem to handle. Teething is the WORST. Not the drool part of teething, I could care less about that. It is everything else!

If I were to write a teething manual, it would include the following:

Runny nose
Not eating, at all
Super irritable
More blowouts than usual
Fever (I’ll expand on this below)


Fever with teething is the craziest. ​My youngest is 2 weeks shy of his 1st birthday and he has 2 teeth. Yep, only 2. When those 2 were coming in over Thanksgiving weekend, his fever was 104 at one point! The doctor said he must have been sick, because there was no way his fever could be that high from teething. I DISAGREE! All of my kids had a high fever when teething, all of them. {Anyone else experience this with their kiddos?}

Now my little guy has 5 teeth coming in at once (maybe even 6). Here is a pic of his mouth….poor thing right? Yes, and poor mom. {I’m tired y’all}teething

The biting

Four kids (did I say that already?) and I am still in shock as to how much biting hurts! UM, hello, that’s my boob!!! {When he bit me the first time the other day, I was about to jump out of my skin. EEK}

After I freaked out (first bite only), we now have a system. I take my breast out of his mouth and pause for a few minutes. It might make him upset, but it has done the trick. Don’t get me wrong, he has bitten me again, but it’s not usually in the same session.

Teething remedies

Lots of friends have used Amber teething necklaces for the drool, but that is really the least of our problems. We have lots of teething toys (including the frozen, soft kind). We give him plenty to “chew” on, but its just not enough.

I used Hylands tablets with my others, so when they were taken off the market, I was kind of upset. But my husband found an alternative that is still natural, Camilia. (I am not promoting this and this is not a paid ad). We really see a difference when we give it to him.

Camilia is a natural, one-product solution for painful gums and irritability caused by teething. Camilia comes in these single-use doses that are sterile and I love that because there’s no risk of over-medicating. Camilia is made with no Benzocaine, sugar or preservatives. Locally I’ve found it available at Whole Foods and other natural stores and health markets, but we got them on Amazon (#momwin).

So, aside from the biting (which I think we have under control) and the relief from Camilia (yay), the only problem we have now is the teeth coming in 5 at a time.

Pray for me, and please pass the wine.

So tell me. Do your babies have many of these symptoms too? What solutions do you have for biting? Any other soothing remedies for teething babies?


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