TGI Fridays raises the bar with Big Ribs and the Blackberry Buzz ‘Rita


    While some restaurants focus more and more on shrinking menus that offer tiny ribs or riblets, Americans deserve a higher quality rack of ribs on their plate. In yet another bold move to deliver craveable menu selections and value in-store and online, Fridays is raising the bar with Big Ribs,​ announcing the popular return of their $12.99 offer for a full rack of Big Ribs in any of three savory styles including two sides. In one, bold voice with meat-lovers across America, Fridays wants everyone to #DemandBiggerRibs.

    Launched earlier this year, the Choose Two Meats menu includes Big Ribs as a half-rack portion – the most popular choice when paired with another half-portion entreé. By popular demand, Fridays will continue bringing Choose Two Meats to tables across America for $14.99 at participating Fridays or online through October 2018.

    If that wasn’t enough, Fridays rolled out the new Blackberry Buzz Rita. It​’​s a disruptive cocktail on our bar menu, based on a variation of Fridays existing Blackberry Margarita. The secret to this amazing cocktail is the Buzz Button (aka the Electric Daisy). The Buzz Button, when eaten, accentuates flavors and provides a unique tingling sensation. First, your salivary glands activate. Then ​your tongue begins to​ ​tingle. That tingle turns to a prickle, and suddenly your whole mouth is numb. You can pick apart each ingredient and the drink is electrified.

    Stop by a participating Fridays location today for great food and tasty cocktails! Valid for a limited time. Learn more here:

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