The Best Games For Stress Relief


Every day we face a huge amount of stress from the early alarm clock, or a missed bus, to a remark from a grumpy boss and so on. While being in a hurry, we usually don’t realize how irritable and tired we become, and this state of stress can become permanent and unfortunately greatly affect not only our mood but also our general well-being. To avoid this, it is necessary to allocate time to rest, but there is no need to make it a whole day in a spa. A much more effective way is to take small breaks several times a day. This way, even playing games on your phone or computer can help you to calm down, reduce stress and relax quickly. 

Solitaire Social

In the modern world we spend most of the day on our smartphones and PCs, it can be said that they have become our best friends. When the Instagram and TikTok feed gets boring, it’s better to give your brain a break by playing an uncomplicated game. One of the most popular types of games is a solitaire, playing cards can be compared almost to a form of meditation. Scientists have discovered that laying out cards can not only calm the nervous system, but also helps to develop attentiveness. Thereby setting up solitaire on your phone or laptop, could become a lifesaver in stressful situations, the game allows you to relax and calm down at any time and place, whether it is a traffic jam on the way to work or a long line in the store. For those who have never played solitaire, try this pretty simple solitaire game.  There is even a detailed review of online solitaire games and a guide for beginners to learn the basic buttons and elements. 


Tetris is considered a cult game of the 20th century for sure (Gameboy anyone?), it was then that it became a hit among adults and children. However, even after a long time it hasn’t lost its relevance and is still a favorite game to play for many people. The only thing that has changed over the time is the conversion of Tetris from the console to the world of digital games. Tetris has a great effect on the nervous system, as well as encourages the development of speed response and spatial thinking. This game can be a great exercise tool to improve attention and focus for both children and adolescents.


It seems that everyone had coloring books in their childhood, they bring back warm and vivid memories of the time when we were painting funny pictures in the kindergarten. Today adult coloring books are widely used for educational and recreational purposes, as it is believed that during coloring we can concentrate better and memorize more details. Coloring games can reduce stress levels as well as reveal a person’s creative talents. It’s a great way to focus your attention on the object you are coloring, and if you do it with enough concentration, you’ll be able to abstract yourself from extraneous noises, unpleasant thoughts and worries.


There is a widespread opinion that wealthy people prefer golf as a sport because this is a great way to spend time outdoors, surrounded by nature, to relieve tension and stress and at the same time to exercise. Nevertheless, golf today is accessible to everyone, since the quality of animation and game effects can literally immerse you in the game world of golf in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, the sounds of birds singing in the background makes it much easier for you to relax and settle down.

Most importantly, pay attention to your well-being and mood during the day in order to notice a state when you become frustrated, in this case you can take actions that will help calm you down. Therefore, taking a break to play some games will help to come to your senses faster, relax and cheer yourself up.


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