We worked with Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies to bring you this sponsored content, but as you'll see, the birth plan is a passion of Orlando Moms Blog owner, Kristi Corley.

Creating a birth plan is a passion of mine. Before I started Orlando Moms Blog, I was an active doula in Central Florida. I honestly can’t tell you how many babies I’ve helped bring into the world (I lost count after 200)! And while I’m not actively wearing my doula hat, I get SO excited when I sit down with a pregnant mama friend. Our conversation naturally flows to finding out what her hopes and dreams are for her birth experience!

A birth plan is a list of preferences or wishes for your childbirth experience. 
– My Birth Plan, from Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital For Women & Babies

No matter if you plan to create a birth plan with a doula, your partner or your physician, it’s important to understand that the birth plan is a blue print for how you hope your birth will go. I say hope, because every labor and birth is different, and there isn’t a guarantee that all of your preferences will go exactly as planned. I personally recommend that you have a discussion with your birth team (and especially with yourself!) that “If plan A doesn’t happen, then this is my plan B, and C”, even with the understanding that the safety of you and your baby is the number one priority. 

A huge benefit to having a birth plan is that you aren’t making last minute decisions. When you are in labor, your ability to think and make decisions is VERY difficult. When you have a birth plan filled out, it helps nurses and physicians to know your wishes. I can personally say that when I’ve been with a couple in the labor & delivery room, the doctors and medical team take the time to review and go over the birth plan. Your birth plan gives them the opportunity to easily look through your wishes, and helps them to know how to carefully share with you if your medical care needs to change because of unexpected conditions.

What are some popular birth plan options?

So where do you begin? You want to think through your birth experience from the start to finish. When you create your birth plan, you’ll want to consider: 

1. Who will be in the room?

Deciding before you go into labor WHO you want in the room will take away unnecessary stress. Will you have a doula? A birth photographer? Your parents? NOT your parents? (It’s best to make these decisions in advance of your due date!)

2. Create your birth mood

  • Would you like dim lighting? Perhaps a few battery operated candles?
  • Music, using a speaker or your headphones?
  • Massage or water relaxation?
  • Will you have inspirational sayings or photos to encourage you?
  • more ideas listed below!

3. During labor

  • Do you want an epidural?
  • Would you prefer to have a saline lock instead of IV fluids?
  • more ideas listed below!

4. During delivery

  • Do you want a mirror to view the birth?
  • Do you want to touch the baby’s head as it crowns?
  • Will your partner cut the cord?
  • more ideas listed below!

5. Postpartum/Newborn care

  • Would you like to delay newborn procedures for the first hour so I can bond with my baby?
  • Would you like to exclusively breastfeed your baby while in the hospital?
  • more ideas listed below!

6. Cesarean Section

  • Would you like skin-to-skin as soon as possible?
  • more ideas listed below!


Printable Birth Plan – English Version
Printable Birth Plan – Spanish Version

Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital has a FREE birth plan that you can download and customize. It includes birth plan options that you might not have thought of yet! It is a great tool to prepare yourself for your labor and delivery. You can also access this through the Hello Baby! app.

Remember that all births are different, even from one baby to the next. Try not to stress about it going exactly as planned, but have a peace of mind knowing that your wishes are valued!

You can find out more about this app, tools for expectant moms, or information about Birth Navigators from Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital For Women & Babies by clicking here.

So from one mama to another, if we happen to cross paths, and I happen to notice that you’re pregnant, don’t be surprised if I begin gushing all over you, wishing you the very best for your labor and delivery. I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA!


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