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Consider this my plea for you to read everything by Devney Perry. Her pen name is Willa Nash. Titles by Willa Nash were once the books she published for Kindle Unlimited, but her entire back list is now available on KU. But it does not matter what name she publishes under, she is an incredible author!

I have yet to read a book of her that I didn’t like. Her books are full of amazing small towns, lovable families, relatable characters, swoon worthy heroes, amazing spice and the suspense elements in some of her books are incredible. Not all of her books are romantic suspense novels – hers are top notch with the perfect balance of mystery, suspense, danger and romance.

To kick off May, I started reading through her back list and started with the Calamity Montana series. And let me tell you, I loved each book in the series!

Yes, I read all 5 books of the series in May. I would have read the 6th if it had been published!

The Bribe kicks the series off. I love how each book introduces characters for the following books so before you even start the next, you know and love at least one of the main characters. The sixth book in the series, The Brood, is coming out later this year and I cannot wait to return to Calamity Montana.

Book Summary

Jade arrives in Calamity to flea her old life in Nashville. She meets Sheriff, Duke Evans, twice in her first couple hours in Calamity and when he pulls her over for speeding, he discovers her secret. The woman who has arrived in Calamity as “Jade” is none other than the country music superstar, Lucy Ross. The press is reporting about Lucy’s mysterious disappearance from Nashville without a trace. Lucy proposes a bribe (hence why the book is titled “The Bribe”) to the Sheriff, money in exchange for his silence about her secret. Duke keeps finding ways to be with Lucy and yet never pushes her quite enough to get to the bottom of her story. Eventually, they give into the attraction between them and they fall in love. Lucy confides in Duke that her reason for being in Calamity is to flee a stalker who’s messages had her on edge. As Sheriff in town, Duke takes her safety seriously and is willing to protect her and her secret at all costs. He agrees that Lucy’s friend Everly, and her only connection to her old life, can come to Calamity to spend time with her friend. But the relief of having her friend in town quickly comes to an end when Lucy’s worst nightmare comes reality. Will she survive the ordeal?

Everly is the female main character in the second book in the series titled “The Bluff.”


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

This book is literally everything a romantic suspense novel should be. It will keep you guessing about Lucy’s past. You will root for Lucy and Duke. You will also fall in love with the town of Calamity and want to return over and over again. Good thing is you can!

Favorite Quotes

“Pure beauty.” I looked up, expecting his eyes to be on the mountains, but his gaze was aimed at me.

“What would you say to a bribe?”

The spark between us hadn’t just been a sizzle. It was a raging wildfire that was going to incinerate, not singe.

“That was your chance to get rid of me Sheriff.” “Too bad I missed it.”

“You’ll never be alone,” he promised. “As long as there is a beat in my heart and breath in my lungs, you’ll never be alone.”

Have you read anything by Devney Perry/Willa Nash?


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