The Checklist: 7 New Mom Must-Haves


Mom Must-Haves


You may have noticed people chiming in with lists of items they need once the baby arrives, however, they often forget a few key items. There are ample options out there but how do you know what you should be ready with when the baby arrives? Here is a list of everything you will need when your baby enters this world.

Travel system

You may have already thought of buying a stroller and car seat but you will need to spend a little more to move your baby from one place to another. A travel system will last longer and will be value for money. A travel system will include a car seat and a stroller. When you are out running errands and your baby is in the car seat, you can snap it in the stroller in no time. This will ensure that you can go about your day without worrying whether your baby is awake or asleep. The travel system can be used from the time the baby is an infant to the toddler years. 

Baby carrier

You will be able to tot around easily with your little one using a baby carrier. But remember to try it before you buy it. You should choose a carrier that is comfortable to wear and has easily adjustable straps on the hips and shoulders so you can evenly distribute the weight. Having an adjustable carrier also means that your partner can use it with ease. 

Diaper bag

Invest in a diaper bag that looks like a purse and has ample space to fit in everything you may need. A stylish, all-purpose diaper bag will ensure that you do not need to carry multiple bags when stepping out. The bag should have pocket space, a washable finish, and should attach to the stroller with ease. It should fit in all the essentials including a pair of clothes, bibs, diapers, baby diaper cream, a bottle of water, and a couple of toys to keep your baby occupied. 

High chair

Mealtimes are going to become very messy and you could have pureed squash on your clothes with avocado on the seat surface. Besides buying meal essentials like a spoon, tray, bowl, cups, and bibs, you need to buy a high chair. Make sure the chair is comfortable to sit on and can be wiped down using a wet cloth. You will come across chairs with plush fabrics but they may not be easy to clean. It is best to look for a high chair that allows you to pop the tray in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. 


A swaddle blanket is one thing you should not forget to buy. Using the blanket, you can comfort babies and it will not only help the baby self-soothe but will also ease them off to sleep in no time. They last until the baby’s toddler years and they will love using the swaddle blanket because it will remind them of their early days. You can consider buying swaddles with Velcro closures so you can easily get the baby snug. 

Teething toys

Everyone will tell you to be patient and careful when the baby starts teething but there will come a day when you will do just about anything to make the baby’s teething pain disappear. Teething toys have healing powers like no other. You must choose toys that are made of natural material and food paint. It will ensure that no toxic products go into the baby’s stomach. The chewable toy will make it easy for your baby to chomp on and it can be easily squeezed as well. Pick toys that are ideal for the little one’s grip. No matter the type of toy you choose, one thing is clear- teething toys have the ability to keep your precious little one happy and silent which makes it a must-have.

Breast pump

Pumping breast milk is not a fun task but if you plan on nursing and will be able to take the time to express milk for your child, invest in a pump that is portable, powerful, and efficient. This will allow you to wander around with your to-do list while the breasts continue to prep another bottle for the baby.

Every mother’s secret weapon is multitasking and these must-haves ensure that you are well prepared for the fast days and the sleepless nights. You can carry on with your errands while ensuring your baby is healthy and sleeping peacefully in the travel set. Always remember to buy items that are chemical-free so that it does not harm your little one. These essentials will last until your baby outgrows them. Remember to have them ready before you deliver. 


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