the college round up

The College Round Up

Some tips + our essentials for your college freshman as they head off to school!

The day has come, your baby is off to college! While these are exciting times, we know that they can also be stressful, overwhelming and sometimes sad (at least for us moms!)

Everyone has a different approach to preparing for life in college. Some students have a great time making new friends and learning about their new school. However, with all of the crazy that we’ve all been experiencing this past year and half, even if your college student is a sociable person or an honor roll student, there are times when adjusting to life away from home can be difficult.

If you have a soon-to-be freshman, or you’ve been looking for pointers to help your college student get through their first few weeks at school, here is some advice they can benefit from and few college essentials that may make the transition easier.

Mellow Mushroom’s “Freshman 5 List to be Successful and Mellow” their first year of college:

  1. Academics – Don’t be afraid to ask for help with a tough class. (It’s just like requesting an extra topping on your pizza!)
  2. Fitness – Make sure you get 30 minutes of exercise every day. (Walk to Mellow Mushroom for lunch!)
  3. Social – Say hello to one person you don’t know every day! (Those cooks at Mellow Mushroom are pretty mellow!)
  4. Food – Work towards a balanced diet! (Veggies, cheese, and fruit on your pizza count!)
  5. Mental Health – Take a few minutes every day away from studies, screens, and people (check out the art at your nearest Mellow Mushroom!)

College Essentials

Send your college student off with a few “essentials” for their new year at school! We rounded up a little bit of everything! Safety, food, comfort, fun….

But don’t forget to keep them safe and protect your new graduate while they are away at college.

Ranges from $74.95 – $110.99

Why we love The College Student First Aid Kit

Created by a College Clinic Nurse Practitioner
(Beth Windom Stewart, RN, MSN, APRN)

• Specifically Designed for College Students
• Saves Time and Money
• Five Star Ratings on Amazon
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The College Student First Aid Kit is like a Mom-Approved, Dorm Sized, Portable Medicine Cabinet!

There are 2 options: the Ultimate Kit & the Travel Kit!

Prank-O Back to School Care Packages

Price $6.99 – $12.95

Why we love Prank-O

Prank-O creates hilarious prank gift boxes for college students filled with actual items inside, a new twist on the care package concept for parents to send to their children far from home.

We’ve had enough of challenging times and a little laughter is the perfect medicine to heal homesickness for first and second year college students. Prank-O gets it. They have a new affordable gag gift that goes a step further with items that will be used!

The uber fun brand launched three college prank boxes that parents will love to send to their “adulting” children. They’ve taken their top-themed boxes and added in essential items.

Remember the days of care packages from home? Prank-O puts a fun twist on this concept and it’s hilarious! The good news is that these outrageous boxes have useful items that students will need – think laundry detergent, coffee, snacks. You get the picture.

Spark laughter in stressful times and get ready for a few eye rolls and maybe a couple of snarky remarks, too!

Our favorite prank boxes that we sent this year are:

Bacon Scented Dryers Sheets

  • Combining hot-off-the-griddle flavor with fresh-from-the-dryer softness, this fake gift box will leave them confused and hungry. Great for pranking any bacon lover.
  • Included in the Prank box:
    • 105 ct Dryer Sheets
    • Tide To Go Stain Pen
    • Febreeze Fabric Spray

Bathe and Brew

  • Whether the target of your prank is an overworked caffeine junkie or a career-focused germaphobe, this prank box is designed to fake out your favorite multitasker.
  • Included in the Prank box:
    • 1 Bathe & Brew Prank Pack
    • 1 pair of black flip flops
    • 2 cans of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso
    • 1 bar of Dove Soap

Price $19.99

Why we love this speaker

This speaker is WATERPROOF!! Enough said right?! Perfect for the bathroom, dorm room or anywhere your college student may need it!

Bonus! It comes in several colors and has a rechargeable battery!

Price $44

Why we love this towel/blanket/throw/cover-up

This quick drying, super absorbent and oh, so soft towel is a must for any dorm dweller!  They don’t take up a lot of space to store or hang to dry like usual bulky towels.  And they look cool hanging around. 

Bonus—can also be used as a picnic blanket, beach towel, cover-up and more. 

Price $29.99 for a 12 pack

Why we love Koe Kombucha

KÖE Kombucha is fruit-forward and USDA Organic which makes it the perfect healthy drink swap. KÖE was created for non-kombucha drinkers, especially parents who are seeking a delicious, functional, sparkling beverage without the vinegary taste for their children.

Formulated with just 9g sugar and 35 calories in a can, KÖE is shelf stable to take on-the-go.

Our high schooler (who does not care for kombucha) + our college freshman (who is obsessed with kombucha) both LOVED it!

Price $19.99 – $39.99

Why we love the custom pencil bag

As our kids are back to school after a particularly difficult year and a half, it’s important to send them off with supplies that remind them of home…or perhaps their dog or cat that the family adopted during quarantine.

We adopted a kitty during quarantine and with the custom pencil bag, our college freshman now has a little reminder of home when she is at school!

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