The day I became Certified Climate Control’s BIGGEST Fan


    Imagine yourself seven months pregnant.

    Imagine yourself seven months pregnant during the summer of 2016, in Florida.

    Now, imagine your seven month pregnant self during that summer and your air conditioning goes out….. Can you EVEN imagine? I can, because it happened and I can tell you if I hadn’t appreciated Certified Climate Control before, I soon became their BIGGEST FAN! (I mean I was pretty large at that point!)

    Certified Climate Control

    As a Florida resident, when the AC goes out, it’s time to panic! In retrospect all the signs were there. Our coil had frozen numerous times. Our condenser had gone out and needed replaced. At some point our AC had even caused a flood in our garage. The difference in what our thermostat was set at and the actual temperature in our house, always seemed to be a good 10 degrees. I knew the dreaded day was coming but I was “trying to make our unit last as long as possible”, famous last words!

    When our AC went out it wasn’t just any normal day. No, on this day there were hundreds of people without power because Hurricane Matthew had just reared his ugly head. Guess what guys, we were one of the lucky ones! If by lucky you mean plenty of fans powered up to move around all the hot air in my house! Our AC had finally kicked the bucket and it’s timing couldn’t have been worse.

    Certified Climate Control

    This is where Certified Climate Control swooped in like a literal knight in shining armor! Jason came right out to assess the situation, quickly confirming my fear that our AC was done! He immediately offered me a portable air conditioning unit, but my stubborn self declined almost as fast, thinking they were just taking “pity” on the pregnant girl.  Jason went on to explain how it was a service they offered to ALL of their customers. Wow, I was in shock! 

    By having a portable air conditioning unit it made the predicament I had gotten myself into, bearable! I was also thankful because the companies I found having immediate availability to install a new unit were also the companies I found to not have great reviews. By providing my family the portable AC unit it allowed us to comfortably wait for Certified Climate Control to install an amazing system at a great price!

    During my extensive research (Enneagram number one over here) I found that Certified Climate Control had been in business for over 10 years, was one of the highest rated contractors on The Better Business Bureau, had zero BBB complaints and over 1,400 five star reviews. Trusting them and their reputation wasn’t the hard part, waiting would have been. Thankfully they anticipated my need (as well as the rest of their customers) and offered the solution complimentary

    Certified Climate ControlCertified Climate ControlCertified Climate Control’s install team was just as amazing as their sales representative had been. The crew was considerate and professional, working swiftly to complete the install of my new air-conditioning unit, replace all my old duct work and even install new vents and returns (eliminating my problem of freezing out my kid’s rooms just to cool off my own bed room). There was not a single mess or item out of place when their crew was finished. 

    Certified Climate Control

    I share this experience with all of you mama’s out there because If even a single one of you can relate, I want you to understand your options! Certified Climate Control will offer you fair pricing and financing. I also want you to know that every company is not the same but there are companies that you can trust out there. Whether you are in immediate need, or preparing for the inevitable, the Certified Climate Control family will be there to take care of all your air conditioning needs!

    Certified Climate Control

    If you are thinking to yourself, “Me! She is talking to me!” give Certified Climate Control a call and mention Orlando Mom’s Blog for 5% off of any services over $275! 

    Certified Climate Control


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