The Minivan Convert


“I’m in love! I’m in love! And I don’t care who knows it!”

These are words I never thought I’d say about a minivan. But alas, here I am, saying them. I’m a minivan convert, and here’s why.

I didn’t think I’d be a minivan mom. Are you?

It only took FOUR kids to get me into one. I literally had to have a fourth baby who wouldn’t fit into my Jeep to convince myself it was time for an upgrade. I just didn’t think it was necessary. But boy was I wrong!

My husband and I are not fancy car people. Before this purchase, we both owned cars that had been paid off for years. Like a decade. We just don’t get new cars. Well, we like a new car, but then we want to keep it until it falls apart. And I’m only 31. Guess how many cars I’ve had fall apart. None.

Now my Jeep was close. I had done some damage to it. But I loved it. My 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee had lived a good life and carted around my first 3 kids for nearly 8 years + change.

But along came baby number 4 and it was time to move on. I NEEDED a minivan. So a minivan I got. And now I’m a self-professed lover of the minivan.

There is so much room!

And so much cargo space!

And so many seats!

And a DVD player!

And a compartment that keeps things cold!

And my kids can’t reach me from the back seat! (HA!)

Wow. It’s really amazing.

The doors open with a touch of a button and the kids have space to spread out. The wireless headphones connected to the DVD player keep the noise down on long trips so mom and dad can listen to their own music.

Guys. If you’re considering a minivan, or just considering a new family vehicle, get one! Your life will be changed. You will be a better person! You will forever know the meaning of happiness!!

Get. The. Van.

So do you have a minivan? Considering getting one? Let me know! What are YOUR favorite features of a minivan?


    • Marie, I have only tried using the front/back double strollers and it fits easily. On its side, I’m sure a larger stroller could fit though. The Odyssey has a trunk that utilizes the space below the van so it’s quite deep. We can fit luggage for 6 plus a pack n play in it without folding the back row down.

      I hope you get one and love it as much as I love mine!


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