There was a teacher in the checkout line behind me at Michael’s Craft Store on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I know this because I overheard her talking excitedly about the hand print craft she was going to make with her preschoolers as Christmas gifts for their parents.  I wondered if she had any idea how special her gifts would be to those parents for years to come.

Every year, I carefully unpack my most treasured ornaments – the ones made by our daycare teachers and later by my daughters with the help of their grade school teachers.  I marvel at the cutouts of their tiny handprints.  I love the foam ornaments with photos of my babies sporting Santa hats.  Each one is a treasure.  They will always be the first ornaments that I put on our tree each year.

We have been blessed over the years with amazing teachers who have loved and nurtured our girls.  It takes a very special person to make teaching little ones a career.

Take a moment to give a “shout out” or to just say “thanks” to the daycare teachers, elementary teachers, or Sunday school teachers who have assisted in creating special memories with your child.



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