The New Patient Tower at AdventHealth Waterman Hospital


When I gave birth to my daughter at Waterman Hospital nearly two years ago, there was only one exceptionally spacious delivery room that every mama-to-be in my birth class was ready to fight for! It had a large couch and serene lake views to gaze at… while I screamed at my husband and tried to remember my Lamaze breathing! 🙂

Well, AdventHealth Waterman Hospital has come a long way since that sweaty day two years ago. Now every delivery suite is spacious and designed with all mamas’ needs in mind.

Attending the ribbon cutting of both the new emergency room and the Center for Women and Children at AdventHealth Waterman Hospital made me feel proud to be a North Lake County mama! I was given a tour of the new additions, and some of the thoughts behind the tower’s new design.

One of the first things I learned about the tower’s new design is that the NURSES were the driving force behind the details! And they didn’t cut any corners! They thought of everything — from personal waiting rooms in the delivery suites so that adoptive and surrogate families can privately wait as their baby is welcomed into the world, to larger and high-tech C-Section operating bays that can accommodate the birth of multiple babies. They also have infant tagging security systems and mobile fetal monitors so you can move around during labor. HUGE bonus! 

The comforting amenities at the brand-new Center for Women and Children include:

  • A spacious, soothing atmosphere
  • Flat-screen TVs and free WiFi
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Gourmet celebration meal for two to welcome baby
  • Pull-out bed for partner
  • Spacious beds built for bonding

Gone are the days of hard, small, daddy recliners! After baby arrives, they’ve included modern, COMFY pull out couches in the recovery suites for loved ones to sleep near mama and baby. 

Concerned about breastfeeding? They’ve thought of that too! There is a private lactation suite where a lactation consultant can help you learn without an audience.

As a mama who struggled with breastfeeding, and as a mama considering adoption, all of these thoughtful additions spoke to my heart!

Next on the tour was the Pediatric Wing, and it boasted the same conveniences of family wholeness as the labor and delivery wing. The pediatric suites were decorated in a colorful underwater theme and had the option of adjoining rooms, in the event that two children of the same family were in the hospital together.

Another new feature that completely impressed me is their Pediatric Emergency Room, scheduled to open the end of 2019. As a first responder’s wife, I know the awful things you can encounter in an emergency room. Being able to safeguard my child from the rest of the floor with a private waiting area makes me feel so much safer.

The meticulous planning behind this design confirms why this hospital is so great; it’s because of people who serve there.

Beyond the state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, I typically come to a hospital hoping for kind nurses and doctors that will give genuine care to my entire family. After seeing this new tower in person, I am so excited to watch how these additions to AdventHealth Waterman will help make our Lake County community even better!


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