From a young age I loved learning about Presidents. I particularly enjoyed learning about Abraham Lincoln and JFK. Eventually it turned into a desire to understand the stories around all of the Presidential assassinations.

Any family vacation that took us past a President’s hometown or childhood home resulted in a stop to learn about him and his family. My class field trip to Washington DC when I was in the 8th grade was a highlight of middle school for me.

So when we moved to Clermont and learned about the President Hall of Fame, I immediately added it to our family’s ‘must do’ list. It is located off 27 and Citrus Tower Boulevard, near the Citrus Tower.

The exterior of the Hall of Fame looks like a miniature White House with a statue of Abraham Lincoln behind the columns. There is a replica of Mount Rushmore off to the left. The whole exterior gives off such Presidential vibes!

The President’s Hall of Fame in Clermont, FL

The interior is the thing of any history lover’s dreams. You’re greeted by an animatronic Abe Lincoln at a table set with Presidential china. The back rooms are full of wax figures of the Presidents and their wives. The walls are lined with Presidential china, replica Oval Offices of various Presidents and a replica Resolute Desk.

A photo opportunity with President wax figures
Mary Todd Lincoln’s Presidential china

The to scale replica of the White House in the middle of the main room is truly a show stopper. The couple who started the Hall of Fame put years into researching the White House to build their replica and travel the country with it. Their letters from Presidents and their wives over their journey to complete the replica are on display and show just how dedicated to history they were. 

The back of the White House replica
The model’s Oval Office

Your entrance fee of $15.50 for the day is actually the price of an annual pass, so you can return as often as you want within the year. We spent a little over an hour and a half in the museum with a three year old, so an adults only group could spend more – especially if you want to watch the 45 minute documentary of pets that have lived in the White House.

Have you been to the President’s Hall of Fame?

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