Thinking Beyond the “Plastic” Eggs


Easter is upon us! Soon you’ll see Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail, and those very vibrant plastic eggs being displayed in many homes and businesses. I’m a mama who LOVES DIY projects, crafts, & anything that is reused/upcycled. While I realize it’s not for everyone, I wanted to share with you the easiest ways (because we all like easy, right?!) to reuse “plastic” eggs. Seriously, these little guys are useful for so many things that anyone can incorporate in their home. Plus, as a bonus they’re super cheap. 

1. Bath Toys

When I pulled out these eggs and placed them in the bath tub my 1 year old son had a blast playing with them. The best part is it’s a great way to practice colors, and fine motor skills . 

2. Shakers

Grab some duct tape, a spoon, popcorn seeds, rice, or beans and put together a fun shaker for your little ones to play with. Click here to view a tutorial on how to make these adorable shakers. 

3. Mini Flower Pots

The best part is these plastic eggs already have holes in the bottom for drainage, perfect for tiny plants. You can choose to spray paint the egg or just leave it the bright primary color it is. I used a piece of wood and hot glued the bottom of the egg to it as a base (making sure to not cover up the holes). 

4. Educational Purposes

  • Add certain letters on the eggs, and you have a fun reading game with cvc words, blends, and rhyming. When I was a 1st grade teacher this was something I had my students use to practice their reading strategies. You can use it at home for extra reading practice for your own children.
  • Use the eggs to play a game of “sight word hunt”. First write the sight words on a piece of paper and place them in the eggs, then hide them in your home or outside. Once your child finds the eggs have them practice reading the words and using it in a sentence.
  • Play a memory game. Hide items under them and see if you can remember where the match is. 
  • These plastic eggs are also useful for any type of matching game with letters, numbers, shapes, or colors. Here is a great website that I found to provide you with more instructions. 

5. Home Decor

You can choose to spray paint the eggs (rose gold, soft pink, white, grey, and gold are all popular colors) OR just leave them “as is” and display them in jars and baskets within your home. 

6. Easter Garland

Grab some twine, spray paint, marker, hot glue gun, and scrap book paper to put together your own garland. This is a very easy DIY project and adds some Easter pizazz to your home. This is the one I made to display in my own home.

7. Storage for Small Snacks OR Art & Office Supplies

You can place raisins, nuts, peas, or any other small food items for a fun way to store snacks. Another way to use these colorful eggs as storage is for art & crafts or office supplies. Anything small enough to fit in the egg,…such as sequenced items, googly eyes, paper clips, and any other small items. 


Do you have a favorite way to reuse plastic eggs? Please share! 



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