Tips for mommas that dye their hair


Dyeing your hair can totally transform your look, but it takes some special attention to keep that beautiful color vibrant and keep your strands healthy. Fortunately, with a few key products and a gentle approach, it’s easy to keep your dyed locks looking and feeling fabulous. 

Get clever with washing

Hair dye will fade faster if you wash your hair daily, so dial back on the shampooing. It’s better for your hair to wash it less frequently whether it’s dyed or not, as your scalp’s natural oils will be able to moisturize and hydrate your hair for longer. 

Of course, your hair benefits from being kept clean, so it’s a balancing act. Two or three times a week is just right to get rid of dirt and oil, without stripping your color. You might want to use a shampoo that’s specifically formulated for dyed hair, too.

Use deep treatments for TLC

Washing your hair becomes more about quality over quantity when you’ve dyed it. That quality includes deep conditioning treatments a couple of times a week, like leave-in conditioners and hair masks, to pack in as much moisture and nourishment as possible.

Using a regular conditioner every time you wash your hair is a good idea. Coloring your hair can dry it out, so take any opportunity to help protect those fragile strands. A quality conditioner will help create a barrier to keep goodness – and hair dye – in your strands. If your hair’s suffering and you need advice on how to repair damaged bleached hair, read more. 

Turn down the heat

Heated styling tools and hair dryers further damage dyed hair, so if you can let your locks air dry, so much the better. When you do use heat to style your hair – whether that’s with a hair dryer, curling tongs, or straightening irons – spritz on a heat protectant spray first to minimize the impact.

Protect against sunny day pursuits

We know about the importance of UV protection for our skin, but it’s also really important for dyed hair. UV light fades your color, but you can combat this by using a UV filter finishing spray before heading out. You could also wear a headscarf or hat for further sun protection.

What else do we love to do on a sunny day? Hit the pool. But chlorine can exacerbate color fade, so lay down some conditioner before you swim and wear your hair up to keep it out of the water. Knowing how to prevent further damage will help lock in your color and protect your strands, so you won’t need to know how to repair damaged bleached hair.

The upkeep of dyed hair might make you decide to embrace your gray hair eventually, especially if you’re keen to simplify your busy life. But if you’re sticking with your bold color then these simple tips will help you keep it shining bright.


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