Tips for the Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free Breastfeeding Mom


Hearing the words, “Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free,” may seem overwhelming at first as a new breastfeeding mother, and I am here to assure you it is possible, it is rewarding, and with a little guidance, the foods you once loved will be a thing of the past while you’re enjoying your new diet and happy baby!

Our Journey

Photo by: Lacey Irving with Zestt Organics

Our journey to going Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free began 8 months ago when our 2-month old baby became very ill. Following our hospital stay, we were instructed to visit a GI for further testing to rule out any food sensitivities and Acid Reflux. Of course, our GI informed us it would be best to clear Charley’s gut of any proteins that could have been causing reactions and discomfort. As the words, “Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free” left his mouth, I felt overwhelmed and unsure if I could take the plunge and change my diet, but I was motivated to continue nursing and do what was best for her gut and overall health.

Today, 8 months later, I can assure you this change in my diet was not only best for Charley Lynn but my health as well! I feel less bloated, more energized, and lost my baby weight very quickly. Here are three tips to living a healthier lifestyle by going Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free as a breastfeeding mom.

1. Find Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free Substitutions That Taste GREAT

For me, my biggest worry in changing my diet was my coffee. As silly as that sounds, a sweet, hot cup of coffee every morning sets me up for a successful day. I worried about what creamer I would drink, and if my joyful morning cup of Joe would be a thing of the past. Good news: It’s not! The first step in starting a Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free diet as a breastfeeding mom is to find substitutions that taste great! There will be some trial and errors in this step but don’t lose hope after your first try. I have found tasty substitutions for milk, cheese, bread, creamer, and so many other items that contain Dairy, Soy, and Eggs.

2. Don’t Over Think It

It is possible to be Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free and still eat a lot of your favorite meals by substituting the ingredients I’ve mentioned above or by eating whole foods vs. processed. After doing a lot of research, I’ve come to the realization that soy is in a lot of items you’d find in your pantry, and this new diet has me shopping the outer aisles of the grocery store (fresh foods) vs. the inner aisles (frozen and pantry).

There’s no need to over think healthy, fulfilling meals that taste well. I’ve found some simple go-to recipes that have become a staple in our weekly menu. These recipes have helped me lose weight, gain energy, and feel better about myself, while providing Charley a healthy gut. Not to mention, our family is eating the same items as I am, and they’re happy with the change as well! Win, win!

3. Don’t Feel Bad for being “That Person”

I’ve never had an issue with allergies growing up, and it took me awhile to feel comfortable asking others to accommodate my dietary needs, whether it’s at a family member’s house or a restaurant. Let me be the first person to tell you it’s OKAY to be “that person” because you’re doing what’s best for your BABY. Not to mention, most restaurants are used to food allergies and have special menus designed just for you! Before choosing a restaurant, always prepare ahead of time and view their menu online.

If you’re invited to a dinner with family or friends, don’t feel bad asking what will be served and always offer to bring a dish to share that meets your dietary needs. Recently, we were invited to our friend’s house and she served a fun interactive dinner menu that allowed everyone to create their own pasta recipe to accommodate our sensitivities. I brought my favorite cookies, and it was the perfect night! I was able to enjoy a hearty dish and treat everyone to dessert!

All in all, be reassured that you are able to go Dairy, Soy and Egg-Free as a breastfeeding mom and still enjoy what you eat. There are a ton of resources, recipes, and options at the grocery stores, and with a little research, your old diet will be a thing of the past!

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