Easter egg hunts are not only a fun way to celebrate the spring holiday but are a great activity to get kids of all ages running around. However, it can be difficult to plan an epic Easter egg hunt that isn’t too hard for a 2-year-old, but too easy for a 7-year-old. Hosting separate Easter egg hunts is time consuming, but a mixed age group hunt can result in younger kids getting trampled, and a holiday meltdown.

With the tips below, getting every little bunny involved in your egg hunt doesn’t have to seem impossible:

Consider Ages

If you are going to have a wide range of ages present at your Egg Hunt, consider separating kiddos into age brackets. It will take more time, but if you have a lot of kids the benefits may outweigh sending everyone at once. This way you don’t have to worry about bigger kids tripping over crawling babies. It will also allow for a more even distribution of eggs. Take 10 – 15 minutes between each age group to reset the area with new eggs and then let another round of fun begin! Your bigger kids can help you set up for the younger ones.

Set boundaries

If you are going to have all the kids hunt at one time, divide the search area into sections that certain age groups may go looking for eggs in. Have babies closest to you and send those big kids further away (burns more energy that way too!). You can also hide eggs in the section for bigger kids in harder to reach, out of sight spots that you might not use for smaller kids.

Gear up the younger ones

For kids just learning to walk and crawl, heading outside can be dangerous. Different terrain and an unexplored environment means they might be moving at the speed of light, exploring a new place. Ensure they’re wearing shoes that are made for them to explore outdoors, and if they’re still wobbly or crawling, invest in padded pants.

Get them hopping

Younger kids still working on their mobility skills tend to be a lot slower than older children. A fun way to make the Easter egg hunt a little more fair is to have the older kids hop like a bunny, rather than walking, to find the eggs. Not only will this give the younger kids time to catch up, but everyone is sure to get a laugh and have a great time watching friends and family hop around like a bunny with their basket of eggs!

Everybody’s a winner!

While their eggs will be filled with sweets and candies, there’s typically an extra prize for the winner that finds the most eggs. If you plan on doing this, have a prize for each age group. If you opt out, you can offer everyone that participated a special prize for doing their best! Not only will they have baskets full of jellybeans and chocolates, but they’ll be happy to be rewarded for giving it their best shot! This can make everyone feel included and help prevent tantrums.

After all the eggs have been collected, encourage the kids to take a moment to see what all they have found. Not every egg has to have candy inside of it either. Kids can also find eggs with stickers, toys, bouncy balls, play doh and more! Especially if you’re providing stickers in the eggs, have some paper on hand for the kids to create some art right away.

Not ready to host your own Egg Hunt?

Join us for our Egg Hunt at XL Soccer World in Orlando! Fun for all ages, goodie bags for the kids, a soccer clinic and lots of smiles!

This year we are partnering with XL Soccer World Orlando to bring you an indoor Egg Hunt experience at XL Soccer World’s MASSIVE indoor soccer arena, ensuring that rain or shine, we will have egg-straordinary fun!
When: Saturday March 23, 10:30am – 1pm
Where: 825 Courtland St, Orlando, FL 32804
You can expect multiple SAFE egg hunts at spaced times for children of ALL ages, eggcellent GIVEAWAYS, local vendors, and a soccer clinic from the team at XL Soccer World Nona!
What’s included:
– Egg Hunt
– Soccer Experience
– Coloring Station
– Crafts + Games
– Easter Bunny
– Photobooth
– vendors and more!
First published 4/2/2022, updated 3/5/2024


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