Tips to Get Your Picky Eater to Try New Foods


Parents strive to expand their kids’ palates, eat more vegetables and try different foods, especially if they have a picky eater. Below are a few tried and true tips to help get kids in the kitchen, try something new and be less picky!

Get kids in the kitchen at a young age

  •  Kids as young as 2 years old can start to help by washing vegetables, whisking, rolling or stirring.
  •  Kids love to feel useful and by helping to make dinner it will make them feel proud of their contribution.
  • Picky eaters are more willing to try different ingredients and food if they are involved in the preparation.

Make cooking a fun family activity- get kids in the kitchen!

  •   Kids will get excited about the meal you will be making together; show them images of the meal.
  •   Get your picky eater involved in planning and shopping – have them check the box on the shopping list and pick out fresh veggies and fruit at the grocery store.
  •   Tell them the fun facts about the key ingredients.

Try new food in small quantity and reduce the intensity of spiciness

  •     Everyone’s palate is trained and developed over time.
  •     Let your picky eater try new food in small quantities.

Make a family meal that can be shared by the whole family

  • Avoid making different meals for different family members.
  • If kids are used to eating the same meal as adults, they will learn to adapt to a family style dinner of sharing and trying new flavors together.
  • Make sure the family meal is well-balanced and rainbow colored!!

These tips to get kids in the kitchen are courtesy of Rowena Scherer, creator of eat2explore- a subscription cooking kit, to help kids learn about cuisines around the world and to try new foods while also mastering valuable cooking skills.


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