Tips to Make a Family Vacation in Tennessee More Memorable

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Tennessee is one of the ideal places to visit when it comes to family vacations. There are numerous areas to visit, each offering unique entertainment and a fun source for your family. From its famous musical background to the meaningful historical connections, Tennessee provides the perfect opportunity for your family to have the time of their lives. Not to mention, the scenic beauty and unmatched landscapes of Tennessee are a must-visit for any family.

However, one should always be prepared before going on a family vacation. After all, no one would want to ruin a memorable time with their loved ones. Considering the vast range of locations to visit in Tennessee, it’s easy to choose the wrong places. So, to help you make your trip memorable, here are some of the best family vacation spots in Tennessee.

  1. Explore Pigeon Forge

If you’re thinking of making your family vacation more memorable, Pigeon Forge is the place you need to visit. It’s loaded with fun activities and areas that you can enjoy throughout the day with your loved ones. You’ll find some of the most entertaining amusement parks at Pigeon Forge, with rides such as the fastest wooden coaster in the world. Children will especially love the excitement and joy they experience at these amusement parks. Go-karting, laser tag, and miniature golf are some other activities you can enjoy at Pigeon Forge. After a day full of excitement, you can relax while enjoying flavorful food at some of the best restaurants around the country. What’s best is the Pigeon Forge is situated at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, providing you with beautiful scenery.

Outdoor activities, such as tubing, can especially enhance your experience in Tennessee, offering you a joyful experience in the beautiful outdoors. You get to slide down from a tall tubing hill at fast speeds with your family as they feel the excitement and adrenaline rushing through their veins. So, don’t forget to go tubing in pigeon forge if you want to make your family vacation memorable.

2. Visit Rock City

Located in Chattanooga, Rock City is undoubtedly a marvel of nature that will leave your jaw open, genuinely making your family vacation memorable. After all, who doesn’t like to spend a relaxing day in a beautiful and refreshing landscape? Rock City Gardens is a 4100-foot-tall walking trail home to ancient rock formations, breathtaking gardens, and caves. Almost half a million people visit the Rock City Gardens each year, proving how fun it can be.

You can take your family for a relaxing walk along the trail while looking down on the stunning landscape and lush gardens. The landscape of Rock City makes it an ideal spot for taking wonderful photos with your family, making the experience more memorable. Over the years, attractions such as the Fairyland Caverns and the Mother Goose Village have made Rock City even more enjoyable, especially for children. An artificial waterfall known as the high falls has also been made in the lookout mountain located in Rock City that can offer mesmerizing sights.

3. Discover the Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains national park is one of the most famous attractions in Tennessee. Your family vacation wouldn’t be complete unless you’ve paid a visit to this incredibly stunning wonder of nature. You can enter the park without any charges and take your family for fun outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, and diving in the beautiful waters of the Sink. You can also visit the wide variety of waterfalls all around the national park.

While you’re exploring the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ll encounter a wide range of unique animals, such as the black bear. It is all thanks to the great biodiversity of this national park. Children will especially be surprised looking at unique animals. Synchronous fireflies are among the most incredible assets of the Great Smoky Mountains. 

4. Visit the Discovery Park of America

The Discovery Park of America is a huge multi-million dollar museum. It offers you information, artifacts, and much more about a vast range of topics in a fun and interactive way that your family will enjoy. From dinosaur halls to galleries focusing on Native American history, military, space, and technology, the Discovery park of America has a lot to see and do. The park spreads over 70,000 square feet containing ten exhibits and lots of educational entertainment.

You can take your family for a tour of the Discovery Park of America and observe and interact with many informative things. For example, you can use an interactive globe to create your weather pattern. Among many other activities, blazing-fast slides and racing solar-powered airplanes are fun activities for you and your family. You can also experience historic earthquakes or take a virtual interactive trip through outer space in a theater located in the park.

5. Experience Dollywood

Dollywood is a one-of-a-kind amusement park that offers incredible rides and other sources of entertainment, making it an excellent family vacation spot. In particular, children in your family will enjoy the unique rides available at this amusement park. However, it also has many rides for adults, making it the perfect spot for all ages. You can hop on the lightning rod roller coaster and travel at speeds of 73 miles per hour or take your children to the FireChaser Express.

Additionally, the Smoky Mountains national park is quite near to Dollywood, which means you’ll be able to witness beautiful sceneries while taking rides and photos. However, rides aren’t the only thing to do at Dollywood. You can buy décor and custom glassworks that can serve as memorable souvenirs. After a long day of fun, you can relax with your family at restaurants in Dollywood.


Tennessee is no doubt an excellent location for a family vacation. However, to make your vacation truly memorable and unique, make sure to choose the right spots to visit. The places mentioned above offer various sources of entertainment for all ages, which is ideal for any family. You’ll certainly have a lot of fun at these places, making the best of your vacation.


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