44 inches is sort of a sweet spot for Walt Disney World rollercoasters, meaning that MOST of the intense attractions are available to people at the 44 inch height mark. But what do you do with your littles who aren’t quite 44 inches, but want that rollercoaster feel?!

We have you covered!

Our Top Eight Disney Thrill Rides for Kids under 44 Inches:

1. Slinky Dog Dash Hollywood Studios 

Height Requirement: 38”

As big fans of Toy Story, being inside this incredible land is always a joy. When our youngest was finally able to ride Slinky Dog Dash, she has never been happier. She has always waited while her sister rode ‘big girl’ rides and being able to go on something that she perceived as ‘big’ was such a fun moment to watch as her mom. I love this ride for littles because there is a break in the middle and it lets them process it, especially if this is their first rollercoaster.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom 

Height Requirement: 40”

We love this ride because it’s such an immersive experience. The line can get long, but there are so many interactive sections of the line that make the time pass quickly. You can also get glimpses of the rollercoaster while you’re in the line and it’s always fun to see people enjoying the ride you’re in line for! 

3. The Barnstormer Magic Kingdom 

Height Requirement: 35”

This classic first rollercoaster is a quick one! With theming around Goofy, who can complain?! Be prepared to ride again and again – my person record is 5 times in a row. This ride typically has short lines and the ride itself doesn’t last very long. It is a great first coaster for your littles and has the shortest height requirement of all the ‘coasters at Walt Disney World.

4. Soarin’ Around the World EPCOT 

Height Requirement: 40”

EPCOT has some of my favorite thrill rides in all of Disney World (I’m looking at you Test Track and Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind) but Soarin’ Around the World is a great pick for your shorter family members – especially if they are just beginning to ride intense attractions. Soarin’ is an immersive experience that simulates flying over the world. The attraction only moves to get your seat upwards into position in the theater and the surround video simulates the feeling of moving through the projected video. While your child will be in their own seat, they can hold onto the handles or your hand if they get worried on the ride.

5. DINOSAUR Animal Kingdom

Height Requirement: 40”

This is an intense ride – lots of bumpiness and dark areas – but is so much fun! Riders seek out a special dinosaur while encountering all sorts of others on the way. Be prepared for a lot of choppiness and some sudden scares (like dinos popping out at you!). It’ll definitely give everyone in the family an adrenaline rush! Plus, what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs!?

6. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Hollywood Studios 

Height Requirement: 38”

This ride is basically one huge video game. You do not need to understand Star Wars to enjoy yourself. The ride is a motion simulator that depends on your party’s ability to listen to directions and preform your duties while on board the Millennium Falcon. Cast members will assign you to a job on board and explain your duties to you before you board. You’re helping the Resistance on this ride, so listen carefully!

7. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue Hollywood Studios 

Height Requirement: 40”

Another one for the Star Wars lovers! This ride is a mellower Star Wars ride compared to Smugglers Run, but still has lots of bumps and jolts throughout the experience; you even get to travel at light speed! Also, Disney updates the ride to have different versions, so it’s possible to have multiple different experiences if you ride more than once! 

8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Magic Kingdom 

Height Requirement: 38”

This one is also a short coaster, but the theming in the queue and on the ride are amazing. The rollercoaster itself is fun and the fact that the individual cars move on their own is a fun added feature. We love all things Disney princess, so the Snow White theme is fun for her to experience on a rollercoaster. The downside is this one usually has a long wait time and we do not buy Genie+ for our days in the parks. I recommend either getting to the park early so you can be in line first, buy an individual Lightning Lane for this rollercoaster, or go during fireworks (which I realize means a late night) but with so many people focused on getting a good spot to see fireworks, the line typically lessens just before the show starts.

We hope that your kiddos under 44 inches have the BEST time at Disney!

Note: Many of these rides are super popular – so don’t forget your Lightning Lanes!! 

First published 1/12/2020, updated 2/2/2024


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