My four-year-old loves all things Disney, from sing-a-long shows to fireworks displays. However, he’s always looking for an adventure, which is tough to do if you’re under 44 inches! As a result, we’ve gotten well-acquainted with the biggest adventures for his height. Here’s a list of our favorites! 

Our Top Eight Disney Thrill Rides for Kids under 44 Inches 

1. Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom 

Height Requirement: 40”

I thought for sure that my four-year-old would run screaming in the other direction when he saw a log-shaped boat plunge into choppy waters – but no! His face lit up and he said he wanted to go on. This ride is totally worth it too; it’s a thrill ride for him and for his thirty-one-year-old mom who also loves a thrill. Plus, it’s a classic and one of the longer rides at Disney. Was he bothered by the drop? Nope. He wanted to get back in line and go on again. 

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom 

Height Requirement: 40”

It’s right next-door to Splash Mountain and contains no massive drops, just a lot of twists and turns. And, just like Splash Mountain, it’s a longer ride, making the wait worth it. 

3. The Barnstormer Magic Kingdom 

Height Requirement: 35”

This was the first roller coaster my son went on and he totally loved it. It’s smaller than Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so it’s less intimidating and a good way to test the waters if your child is wanting to do a “big kid” ride, but is clearly hesitant. But beware: this ride is what made my son want to go on more “big kid” rides, so be ready for more adventure seeking after this one. (Thank goodness for this list!) 

4. Soarin’ Around the World Epcot 

Height Requirement: 40”

I’m convinced my son thought he was actually flying on this ride, and he was hypnotized by the amazing scenes from around the world. This truly is a ride that will excite all ages and a must-see experience at Epcot. 

5. DINOSAUR Animal Kingdom

Height Requirement: 40”

This is an intense ride – lots of bumpiness and dark areas – but is so much fun! Riders seek out a special dinosaur while encountering all sorts of others on the way. Be prepared for a lot of choppiness and some sudden scares (like dinos popping out at you!). It’ll definitely give everyone in the family an adrenaline rush! 

6. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Hollywood Studios 

Height Requirement: 38”

Riders are assigned positions in the ship, and my child was given the job of pilot. It was a bumpy ride with a little guy guiding our way – but totally fun! The graphics are incredible, even for someone who isn’t well-versed in Stars Wars! (Me!) 

7. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue Hollywood Studios 

Height Requirement: 40”

Another one for the Star Wars lovers! This ride is a mellower Star Wars ride compared to Smugglers Run, but still has lots of bumps and jolts throughout the experience; you even get to travel at light speed! Also, Disney updates the ride to have different versions, so it’s possible to have multiple different experiences if you ride more than once! 

8. Tower of Terror Hollywood Studios 

Height Requirement: 40”

Okay, this one needs a little bit of a warning. My son was all about the actual drop in the elevator; however, he was not all about the creepy old hotel vibe. The elevator ride to the tower where you’re dropped is a bit eerie, admittedly, but if your child isn’t bothered by that, then this is one of the coolest (and iconic!) rides at Hollywood Studios. 

Note: All of these rides are super popular – so don’t forget your fast passes! 

Do you and your little one love a good thrill ride? Did I miss a ride on my list? Share what your mini-adventurer loves to do at Disney

Guest Post by Laurie Crocker

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