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This post is sponsored by GoPeer, but the experience and review are all our own. Use code CITYMOM20 for $20 tutoring credit and free 7 day trial!

My oldest son has always been my wild and care free child, the typical “second child”. He has always been ALL boy and at seven was diagnosed with ADHD. School was a bit of a challenge but mainly because he had to sit still and focus for long periods of time. As he has gotten older, he has outgrown some of the ADHD tendencies that were a hinderance when he was younger (tapping, constant moving, swaying etc.). But testing is still not his strong suit. He is almost 17 (my Christmas baby) and is in full on SAT prep mode.

I love that he takes this very seriously, so when he asked {I know! He ASKED us!} for SAT prep help and tutoring, I was ALL OVER IT!

Here is the thing, I am NOT the person to help him….and my husband doesn’t feel like he is going to be much help either. It has been so long since we were in SAT test prep mode that we knew we needed to find him some solid test prep help.

In comes GoPeer.

When we were introduced to GoPeer, I was instantly drawn to the description, “The easiest way to find your next great tutor! A resource that allows families to connect with qualified college undergraduates who are available to tutor students!”

I knew that a college student helping my son with SAT prep would be impressive to him, but also extremely beneficial too.

What is GoPeer?

If your child is a bit behind in school {thanks COVID} or if your student struggling with homework or reading, or maybe your child is like mine and could use some SAT test prep help, then GoPeer is a tool that you will want to have handy.

As a parent, if you ever struggle with helping {it’s ME}? GoPeer will save the day!

GoPeer is an online tutoring company that connects families with qualified college undergraduates online who tutor students from kindergarten through college! And these aren’t just any college students! Due to the fact that GoPeer hires fewer than 5% of applicants- your student gets tutored from an elite pool of 10,000 top-tier university students, ready to help in more than 150 subjects {including enrichment AND test prep}!!

If you have ever struggled to find a good tutoring match for your child, you will love that GoPeer allows you to find a match with their technology matching. Because every student has different needs and a different learning style, GoPeer helps you match your student with the right tutor!

Tutoring is $20/hour, which is an insanely good price! We were connected with a tutor within a few hours of signing up! 

The GoPeer experience.

Signing up for GoPeer was super simple. 

I created an account and signed in. Within a few hours of signing up, GoPeer suggested several possible matches for my son. Then I started receiving introduction messages from his potential tutors.

We chose our tutor {a Temple University student} after she offered a free 15 minute session so that my son could decide who was best for him. After that, we signed up for our lesson with her. I gave my son the option, 30 minutes or an hour and he chose to dive right into a full hour of test prep. {I was proud of his dedication to this! I never would have thought that he could manage a full hour of SAT test prep.}

Once we were matched with our tutor…

  • She asked lots of questions to understand where he was at and what his strengths are
  • She focused on how she could specifically help him and meet him where he was at
  • She shared files and went step by step with him and checked in along the way to make sure that he was good and understanding what they were discussing
  • She gave tips on how to specifically prep for the SAT with strategy’s to guide him
  • She taught him to prioritize the questions before reading the passages which is something that he wasn’t previously doing
  • She helped him focus on the more specific questions
  • She gave him resources to help him practice once they were done and get in the rhythm of test taking

While my oldest son was in his one hour of SAT prep tutoring (something that is not my forte!), I was able to help my younger son with reading while my littlest son was playing a math game. GoPeer saved the day in so many ways.

Features that we love about Go Peer:

  • save notes in the dashboard
  • documents that are shared by the tutor can be store in the notes
  • set calendar reminders for upcoming session
  • reminder texts that we have a new message or a session

My son loved how simple GoPeer was to use. Sessions take place in a private classroom where the students can add notes to their session and even store documents. It was an immersive learning experience for my very literal and visual student. 

Navigating the GoPeer site was easy for me to use too and I love that the GoPeer platform allows for multiple students that need tutoring! I now have my 3rd grader registered for reading tutoring. 

What sets GoPeer apart?

  • 1:1 online tutoring experience with advanced classroom experiences built into the platform
  • Verified and experienced tutors

  • Easy chat, interviews, and scheduling all in the app or online.

  • GoPeer uses advanced technology to connect you with the perfect match for your student using the parent’s specifications

  • Over 150 subjects to choose from, including enrichment, test prep, foreign language, coding and music lessons

You can have a tutor online with your child within 5-30 minutes of signing up, so if you are ready to get started, sign up and try it out!!

Ready to try GoPeer?

Use code CITYMOM20

for a free $20 credit and a free 7-day trial of GoPeer!

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