UBAM Bundle Drive to benefit Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Orlando Mom is proud to support organizations that want to give back to our local community and make it a better place.

Join us as we support Usborne Books & More “Book Bundle Drive” to benefit Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children!

book drive to benefit Arnold Palmer Hospital

Orlando Mom is proud to support organizations that want to give back to our local community and make it a better place. This month we are featuring, Melissa Crowley, an Independent Consultant with Usborne Books & More. Like Orlando Mom, one of her favorite things to do is give back to the community.  A place that she holds dear to her heart is Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.  They are home to Central Florida’s only pediatric Level One Trauma Center and ED, and they are committed to giving families an environment where healing and hope are inspired by the fearless spirits of the kids they care for.

Melissa has experienced this first hand with a family member.  It was a very stressful time for her family, and the team at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer provided such care and comfort.  Due to health concerns, her family has experienced the care and comfort provided by Orlando Health Arnold Palmer multiple times over the last few years.  Each time has been a positive experience because of the efforts they have made.

Her family’s story is just one of the many from families treated by Orlando Health Arnold Palmer.  We are in awe every day of how these children who are patients can fight to live and have such spirit while doing so.  They push through what we as adults would consider incredible circumstances.  They have so much to overcome, and they find the strength to do the best they can.  These children are truly amazing!  

Melissa has put together a UBAM Bundle Drive that will directly benefit those patients by providing them with Usborne Books & More books, puzzles, and/or activities to help bring them comfort and help them in their fight while they are patients at the hospital.  This will also be something they can take home with them to continue to enjoy.  Books allow you to take adventures, forget about reality for a few minutes, and enjoy the moment.  If we can help make a child smile or forget how difficult their situation might be if even for just a moment, then that is something for which we can be grateful and extremely thankful.

We would love it if you joined us and contribute whatever you can to help bring comfort and joy to the patients at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer.  A contribution of $25 will provide one UBAM Bundle for a child. The deadline for contributions is July 29th.

You can donate here.

Thank you for helping us bring a smile to a child who is in the midst of one of the hardest things they are going to have to deal with!


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