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đź’— articles from the heart
đź’— crafts
đź’— candy free valentines
đź’— decor
đź’— recipes
đź’— quirky February holidays for kids
đź’— date night ideas
đź’— printable coloring pages

Celebrate Galentine's Day with Orlando Mom

Grab your girls!!! It’s time for a Moms Night Out!

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February 13 | 6:00p $30 per person

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Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

We've Partnered with Beeloo to bring you Printable Coloring Pages

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Things to Do

Orlando Mom Guide to February Events

February is going to be a gorgeous month in the City Beautiful, and we have lots of ideas for how you can enjoy it with the family! Your Orlando Mom Guide to February is an event-filled resource containing so many things to do in Central Florida!

Orlando Mom Guide to Berry Picking

Berry picking is a family favorite around here, and for good reason! We get to spend time outside in the beautiful Orlando weather and see where some of our favorite berries come from!

From the Heart

Daddy’s Valentines – The Father Daughter Dance

Our school holds the Father Daughter dance near Valentine’s Day each year.  This year I was asked to help out at the dance.  I’m so glad I did, because it gave me an even greater appreciation of the event. Here are a few suggestions to make the Father Daughter dance even more memorable.

I LOVE holidays…except Valentine’s Day

I love holidays. I love everything about them. All of them except one. I’m not crazy about Valentine’s Day. Do you know what’s even worse than me not really liking Valentine’s Day? My husband LOVES it. What man do you know that loves Valentine’s Day? I mean, SERIOUSLY. 

Will the Real Valentine’s Day Please Rise?

Valentine’s Day. I have a love-hate relationship with the day. I know I’m not the only one. It began in middle and high school when I would watch girls parade through the halls with their flowers and teddy bears and chocolate and balloons. I was a senior before I had a real valentine.

When His Love Language is Words of Affirmation

You’ve heard of the five love languages, right? My hubby’s love language happens to be words of affirmation. Ugh. So one day I came across these notes that were brilliant. They did all of the hard work for me (you know… coming up with the words that speak his language!) 


Melted Crayon Hearts

We are lovers of coloring in our house, and with that, there is definitely no shortage of crayons. So, when I began brainstorming ideas for my little one’s Valentines for his classmates this year, a DIY melted crayon craft seemed like the perfect fit.

Valentine’s LOVE Art Canvas

My little guy has done projects like this at school many times, but honestly, this was my 1st time tackling it at home. So, I was winging it a bit. I chose to use a foam brush to spread the paint on his hand & feet. I used a regular paper plate as my paint palate!

Growing Heart Lollipops

Here’s a Valentine’s Day activity that takes about 3 days, from start to finish. It’s Growing Heart Lollipops! When I first saw this project, I knew this was a winner, as my little guy would think this was totally cool & magical. What kid wouldn’t, right?!?!

Valentine’s Day Crafts, Recipes & Treats

When I became a mom, all of a sudden I felt like I had to become a “Pinterest Mom”. I love crafting, cooking, and baking so I thought I’d be fantastic at it. Well…not so much. Every time I get an idea, I start pinning like crazy. Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day themed crafts, treats, & recipes.

Candy Free Valentines

Candy-Free Toddler Valentines

If you’re anything like me, you probably cringe at the thought of your toddler ingesting unnecessary sugar this Valentine’s Day.  For the sanity of their teachers, and for the other parents, I opt for candy-free valentines for my toddler’s class.

{More} Candy-Free Toddler Valentines

Too much candy on Valentine’s Day? I agree! Last year I shared candy-free toddler valentines. They were a huge success, so I’m back to share another round of Candy-Free Toddler Valentines!

Even More Candy-Free Toddler Valentines

Even More Candy-Free Toddler Valentines

Guess what?? I’m back with even more candy-free valentines this year! I am a huge fan of candy-free treats as I have a strong belief that my children do not need excess sugar; they already bounce off the walls on a normal day! 


Red Velvet Cake Recipe

What says “Valentine’s Day” more than hearts and chocolate?! A Red Velvet Cake! To make this cake, you will need one 8×8 square cake pan and one 8-inch round cake pan. To decorate the cake with icing roses, you will need a 1M frosting tip and a pastry bag. 

Valentine’s Day Foods For Kids

You can make Valentine’s Day special for kids during every meal. Just use a heart shaped cookie cutter, your kid’s favorite foods, and your imagination to make every meal full of love.

Home Decor

Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

I’m going to be completely honest right now. After the decoration overload of Christmas and then taking it all down I am done by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. I would love to take a decor break until Summer

Date Night Ideas

Date Nights at Disney

Date nights at Disney are the perfect way to put some magic into a typical night out with your other half. It’s one of my favorite places to go hang out one-on-one with my husband and reconnect. It’s on Disney date nights where we fell in love with each other, got engaged and where we continue to enjoy time with just the two of us.

After nearly a decade of date nights at Disney, here’s a list of my favorite places to go.

Date Nights at Home

Some years my husband and I celebrate by getting out of the house, while other years we have stayed home.

How about you? Is this the year you and your special someone stay home? Maybe you won’t have a babysitter, so it’s also time spent with the kiddos. Maybe you even wait till after the kiddos go to bed to get quality time with your special someone. Maybe you’re looking to save money or it could be that you just want to stay home.

The BEST of Orlando for Date Night

Best of Orlando date night + moms night out

Orlando is home to a thriving nightlife scene, with many exciting options in the tourism district, downtown Orlando and in the surrounding areas for those looking to experience a new spot for date night.

Fave Date Night Spots in Orlando

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the Orlando Mom team is sharing our  FAVE DATE NIGHT RESTAURANTS❣️

From tried and true spots, to local gems- you’ll love this list!

Quirky February Holidays for Kids

Now you are probably saying, “But February already has a holiday? What about Valentine’s Day? Huh?” I know, I know, but you can only glue glittery hearts to construction paper so many times. That is why February also has Thank Your Mailman Day on the 5th and Make a Friend Day on the 11th.

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