Valentine’s Day Foods For Kids


You can make Valentine’s Day special for kids during every meal. Just use a heart shaped cookie cutter, your kid’s favorite foods, and your imagination to make every meal full of love.

For breakfast you can make heart shaped pancakes or waffles. My kids love fruit in the morning, so I used my small heart shaped cookie cutter on bananas and strawberries. They are super cute and perfect for small hands.  Apples, kiwi and oranges are a few other fruits that cut into hearts nicely.

heart food
Valentine’s Day Foods For Kids

My kids love sandwiches. You can cut a heart into the top piece of bread and send a little love to lunch with your little ones. I used the frozen brand that comes with the crust off for this picture, but any type of bread and sandwich will work.

heart food 2
Valentine’s Day Foods For Kids

Have pizza lovers? Cut their toppings into hearts! This is easily done with pepperoni or green peppers. My kids thought that it was really fun!

heart  food 3
Valentine’s Day Foods For Kids

The possibilities are endless! Looking for more Valentine’s Day food inspiration for little ones? Check out this Pinterest Board for more ideas!



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