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In the early stages of development, playing and learning go hand in hand. A study from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) shows how play can help in building brain, body, and social bonds. When children are developing, learning extends beyond school and books by helping to regulate their emotions, and by giving them the chance to get along with their peers. A VPK education helps to nurture early learning through play!

early motor skills for your child in avon park flMake Play a Priority Everyday

Studies have shown that play is declining in classrooms across the world. With strict standards and new requirements, extracurriculars, and the rise of media, play has started to take a back seat. However, it’s showing to be detrimental to developing key skills children need. Because of this, VPK incorporates and values the power of play everyday. From birth to pre-k and beyond, the value of play should be a daily priority.

Below are a few ideas on how to incorporate play based on the child’s age. Learning and enrichment time extends beyond the classroom, so it’s important to consider including these things at home.

Birth to 6 months old:

  • Smiling — as simple as it sounds, smiling in response to the babies’ smiles is a form of play and helps to develop early emotional skills.
  • Incorporate colors — brightly colored toys are new and stimulating for babies.
  • Have “conversations” — cooing back to your baby encourages basic social skills.

7 to 12 months old:

  • Peek-a-boo — a crowd favorite amongst babies, this silly little game actually reinforces permanence, or the idea that something still exists if you can’t see it.
  • Crawl around — allow them to explore in a safe environment.
  • Expose them to different sensory experiences — bubbles, mirrors, grass, etc. can allow babies learn through all five of their senses.

1 to 3 years old:

  • Childcare that prioritizes play — make sure you opt for a program that highlights unstructured playtime so kids can start flexing their creative muscles.
  • Time to sing and dance — varying rhythms encourage movement and creativity.
  • Play with different shapes and materials — empty boxes, containers, and bottles can be just as fun as a shiny new toy. Encourage them to experience different shapes and materials that you already have.

4 to 6 years:

  • Play dates! — At this age, kids are ready to interact with friends and start building friendships. This provides more opportunities to play pretend and be creative.
  • Singing, dancing, and drawing — these activities are exciting opportunities for kids to express themselves and develop passions.
  • Make believe and dress up — these two go hand and hand and actually allow your kids to move between reality and make believe. It can easily cure the “I’m bored” statement on a rainy day!

helping your kids get socialized in Orlando flReady to find a VPK Program for your child?

It’s never too early to consider enrolling your children in a VPK program for the next school year. Kids R’ Kids at Avalon Park offers a nationally renowned program with a state-of-the-art, safe environment to prepare your kids for their learning adventure. We’re family-owned and operated, and our staff is dedicated, highly trained, and vetted for your peace of mind.

Call them today to schedule a tour at 407-306-9035 or fill out their online form.


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