Wardrobe inspiration from Kate Middleton


Mommy-to-be, get your wardrobe inspiration from Kate Middleton

Ever since becoming royalty, Kate Middleton never misses a chance to give us some major fashion inspiration — whether she’s out on the British streets for a stroll, or at some big event where everyone is dressed to their nines. In fact, I’m convinced that the Duchess of Cambridge has some real-life fairy godmother who dresses her perfectly, no matter where she is. Also, in addition to her big fashion moments, Kate’s pregnancy has been the most talked about and stylish of all pregnancies. While she radiates with her pregnancy glow, she consistently keeps her unique style of statement coats, hats and matching outfits intact even with her growing bump.

Kate Middleton has shown us that even when your shape changes or you grow in size, you can still dress as stylish as always. Pregnancy is not just about wearing frumpy or baggy clothes; it can be maternity chic and can also be recycled from your regular day-to-day wear. Your pregnancy does not have to mean a whole new maternity wardrobe. Here are a few maternity inspirations from the very stylish Duchess of Cambridge.

Casually pregnant Kate


While dressing in rather casual outfits with her royal bump, Kate managed to impress us all with a simple yet chic take on maternity fashion. All her outfits have perfectly dressed her bump without making her look sloppy. Her love for plaids, polka dots and plain, all-matching outfits was quite visible even while she was expecting.

Kate’s plaid free style poncho is not just stylish, but also a great layering piece for expecting mothers who want to keep their bump warm and cozy while also covering them up nicely. Kate’s polka dot dress is super-girly yet elegant to wear when your bump is not-so-visible. The navy top, cinched at the waist with matching dark denims and boots is a perfect outfit while you still have the bump.

Go for the Coats


There’s one thing that’s certain, the Duchess sure loves her coats, heels and hats a lot. There is no denying the fact that she is a coat admirer, and she knows how to wear them even when she’s pregnant. Her neutral coats have always been noted among fashion lovers, so in this outing she decided to layer her dresses with straight cut coats. With more than just neutrals in her wardrobe, Kate can also look amazing in darker hues, too. Her ink blue coat paired with black leggings, a decorative hat and a pair of basic black heels is a great way to dress up a bump in the fall.

Now all mommies-to-be can take some inspiration from Kate and re-use their straight-cut coats to look royally glamorous.

Formal with the bump




Kate and matching neutral dresses are made for each other; no one has ever been able to pull off head-to toe matching dress looks like Prince William’s lady. Her choice of colors is always right, and the way she pairs them with just the right accessories — like a box clutch, simple drop earrings or bracelets — is a simple style that we can all try with confidence. The soft pastels shown here truly accentuate her pregnancy glow and royal bump.

It’s easy to see that this stylish lady is a fan of plain looks, and there is no doubt she can effortlessly pull off prints and patterns, too. Especially the animal print shift dress is proof that our preggo Duchess is the most stylish mommy to be. The straight cut silk printed dress, paired with navy heels, is exactly how to style your prints.

Having a look at The Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity style file, we have just the right amount of inspiration for pregnant styling. Be sure to not limit yourself to a completely different maternity wardrobe during pregnancy; you can always keep your unique style with you during all these nine months.

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