Your Week at a Glance :: Week of June 25


Your Week at a Glance :: Week of June 25

From the confessions of a sleep coach sleeping in her son’s room, to mealtime hacks, self-care, and beach bathing tips, here’s your Week at a Glance! 

Confession: I sneak in and lay with my son, while he sleeps

Every single night, I lay with my son while he sleep. My evening routine is to get the kids to bed, spend time with my husband and then go lay with my older son (the one who is in a big kid bed) for a good 10 minutes. Sometimes more, because I am guilty for falling asleep in there. I do end up in my own bed though.

Self-Care For the Win

The illusion of self-care is one that I have been chasing for some time. I love the idea of self-care. I need self-care…we all do. So why is it that self-care has been such a challenge for me to implement? A few minutes a day seems like such an effortless task. Then why is it the I just cant seem to do it?

“Mommy, I’m hungry!” Why Your Kids Are Hungry But Will Never Eat!

“Mommy, I’m hungry!!!” Mealtime. The dreaded hour when your kids are hungry but will never eat! They obviously NEED to eat a few times each day. But in between these screams of pain while they literally starve to death in front of you, meals are placed in front of them. Food exists. BUT THEY WON’T EAT IT! WHY?!

DIY Beach Bath!

Sweaty. Sticky. Sandy. Those are NOT characteristics of summer fun that I tend to enjoy, but beach trips with babies has definitely brought this on in full force.  I needed something that could hold everything we need to clean up our little guy at the car, after our day of fun. My solution – the DIY Beach Bath!

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