As a mom of three, I need to carry a lot of stuff. But I also have a hatred of diaper bags. I use them. I understand them. I have like five of them. But I always end up missing my big, leather handbags. I’m not a dapper dresser. I haven’t mastered makeup. I tend to hide my hair. But handbags I get. And I want to wear them all!


This bag is nearly 5 years old and I use it more than any of my other bags. Its big and soft and feels easy to wear. But it has seen better days.

So here I am, baby is now a year old, and I’m back in my normal purses. I am So. GLAD. But now I have to really pay attention to what I’m carrying around. I have three kids, one in diapers, and the two busy boys. I homeschool so I literally have them around me all day, almost every day. I need lots of supplies! But I love to use different bags for different occasions. So no matter how often I’m switching out my bags, I know these items will be grabbed. 

Here’s a list of FIVE of my favorite items in my EDC.

  1. Wallet. Obviously. My husband got me this wallet by Marlondo as a gift a few years ago and I haven’t even considered switching it out. It has so many pockets, it feels so nice, and it’s wearing out so nicely. (I’ve had it for three years this Christmas and it clearly isn’t falling apart at all!)
  2. Snacks. Snacks on snacks on snacks. Snacks for two kids, snacks for a baby, snacks for mamma. We’re all hungry, all the time. And inevitably it will happen while we are at an appointment or the park or stuck in traffic. We needs all the snacks. I got a lightweight, easy-to-clean tin to hold granola bars and crackers. Ball jars are very handy too. And that yellow top is from an old Parmesan canister! It fits on standard Ball or Mason jars perfectly. 
  3. A book. Or my Kindle. I like to have a book handy in case there is down time. A waiting room, the playground, a traffic jam. Though there may not be many times in the middle of the day that devoting your attention to a book is feasible, it’s nice to have it just in case. I try to reach for my book before I reach for my phone. I don’t always succeed. 
  4. Mom’s Emergency Kit. It’s not really an emergency kit. But it has bandages, boo boo ointment, tissues, lip balm, and makeup. I mean, you never know when a touch up is mandatory.  (I’m Greek. I never leave the house without makeup on.)
  5. Traveler’s Journal. Or Midori, as some people refer to it. This is, hands down, my favorite notebook situation I’ve ever had. And I’ve tried a lot. (Hey! That sounds like a future blog post!) My friend Brittany told me about hers and I fell in love with the idea. It’s a beautiful leather cover with multiple notebooks inside. I have three currently, plus a plastic insert for holding loose leafs, cards, or photos. I use mine for grocery lists, menu planning, and little words that need to be jotted down. Brittany also keeps notebooks in hers to journal about her kids, which I love. I also keep my .38 JetStream pen inside my journal at all times, so it’s always ready. 

I throw all of that into a bag along with some diapers and wipes and I’m out the door. There will most certainly be a few other items in my bag by the time it’s all said and done, but I know for sure that I’ll start with these five things. 

So that’s my basic go-to items in my bag. What’s in yours? I’d love to add a few things to my regulars! And I’d be happy to answer any questions about the items I’ve listed! Let’s chat!

Drop a comment below so we can compare notes 😉


  1. Go to’s in my purse- definitely a small makeup bag w/ the essentials in it, boo boo spray and bandaids, hair ties and bobby pins, my phone, sunglasses, and the occasional snack/granola bar when I’ve planned ahead. Coupons. Oh and lest we forget tiny scraps of garbage and receipts that I need to clean out. Like always. And how did I not know you make apple butter?! I’ll gladly trade cupcakes for that!!! 😉


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