“You’re so Beautiful.” A compliment that just stopped me in my tracks.

They weren’t said by my significant other and I guess that’s what caught me off guard. Usually when he tells me I look beautiful, I point out all the things that I see wrong with myself. I’ve gained weight, I look old, I look tired… This time I just took the complement in with tears in my eyes. I felt guilty about relishing in those three words. I knew this person was speaking from the heart, which is why it really hit me hard. It wasn’t about the physical beauty; it was about much more than that.

It’s difficult to admit that I needed to hear that from someone who isn’t my partner or my mother. I’ll be the first to admit that I may not spend as much money or time on myself as I did prior to starting a family. I’m not at the gym as much as I was before, I don’t get the bi-weekly manicures, I don’t book the monthly hair appointments. If I go out shopping for myself, I get discouraged because nothing fits right so I end up buying clothes for my daughter. The lack of time in the mornings means that my make-up is half done when I leave the house (no matter how early I wake up). So “beautiful” doesn’t come to mind when I look in the mirror. What comes to mind sometimes is – Where did I go?

So when those words came from that person, it made me realize I’m still here, I’m just different. No, I don’t look the way I did 5 or even 2 years ago, but that’s OK because life is much fuller. I don’t compare myself with others anymore because I’ve come to realize everyone has their own path and I like where mine is going. I may not have my scheduled appointments, but the trade off of spending time with my little girl is exactly what I look forward to. So when I heard “You’re So Beautiful” as I’m standing in the kitchen with my hair up in a bun, wearing shorts, a t-shirt (covered in flour because we’d been baking) I was taken back.

Mom You're Beautiful

She said, “You’re so beautiful mommy and I’m beautiful too because I look just like you” My response was “That’s right baby girl, don’t forget that”.

Mamas don’t forget to see yourselves through your child’s eyes because I guarantee to them, you are the most beautiful person in their world.




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