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Want to enjoy the magic of Christmas with your little ones instead of spending the whole time getting stressed out by it? Then Iโ€™ve found the best-kept secret to a successful Elfing season….the World Elf Organization Elf kits! World Elf Org makes the Christmas Elf easy for parents so we can enjoy the magic of Christmas too!!

The Christmas Elf tradition that been around for many years.ย  It is loved by children of all ages (even if they do not believe anymore). The Christmas Elf has become a hassle for parents to keep up with every day. But what if I told you there was a VERY easy way to achieve a successful month of the Christmas Elf for your children without putting much time into it?

What is the Christmas Elf?

The Christmas Elf is a special Christmas tradition that families all over the world. It all starts with a Christmas Elf (available in both boy and girl versions in stores or online) who comes to visit your home during the holiday season. Once your Elf arrives, they will perch themselves on a shelf, where they will remain until Christmas morning. Many parents have begun adding creativity to their daily Elf sightings. Pinterest has many ideas on ways to pose your โ€œElfโ€ in a cute or funny way, in which your child will look forward to seeing where the elf has moved to from one day to the next and what โ€œElfโ€ got into during the night.

Each night, while your children are asleep, the Elf will fly off to the North Pole to report back to Santa on their behaviour. In the morning, they will return to their spot on the shelf or a brand new spot in the house, often in a new and humorous position. The tradition is not only fun for kids, but it also helps them to behave in the lead-up to Christmas.

After all, who wants to disappoint Santaโ€™s little helper?

One big rule about your Christmas Elfย 

One of the most important rules of having a Christmas Elf is that the Elf must not be touched by the child. If a child touches it, the Elf will lose its magic and will no longer be able to fly back to the North Pole each night. As tempting as it may be, it is essential that children resist the urge to touch their elf. The elves rely on their magic to help Santa Claus ensure that all of the children on his nice list are being good. Without their magic, they would not be able to do their job. So, if your child is lucky enough to have an Christmas Elf this holiday season, make sure they know not to touch it!

The Benefits of having an Elf

While this may sound like a lot of work for parents, there are actually many benefits to the Christmas Elf. For one thing, it helps to create excitement and anticipation in the lead-up to Christmas. Kids love waiting to see where the elf will turn up each day, and it can be a fun way for families to bond over the holidays. The Elf also helps to teach kids about the importance of behaving well. After all, nobody wants to end up on Santaโ€™s naughty list! Ultimately, Elf on the Shelf is a tradition that brings joy to both kids and parents alike and gives children memories that they will hold in their hearts for a lifetime.

The problem with Elf on the Shelf

While having a Christmas Elfย may sound like harmless fun, the reality is that it can be quite time-consuming for parents which is why some parents avoid it completely. In order to keep the game fresh, parents often have to get quite creative with their elfโ€™s hiding spots. This can take a lot of time and effort, particularly if they have multiple children. Additionally, some parents feel pressured to come up with ever-more elaborate setups to share on social media, which can add even more stress to the holiday season. For these reasons, Elf on the Shelf may not be right for every family unless you have help.

World Elf Organization makes the Christmas Elf easy for parents

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but especially for parents and caregivers. Between work and family commitments, thereโ€™s often little time left to get everything done. This is where theย World Elf Organizationย comes in. They have put together a box full of daily ideas with GREAT props to make the Christmas Elf easy on parents yet still give kids the excitement of seeing what their elf got into after returning from the North Pole. We all know elves like to get into mischief.

The World Elf Organization box includes items like clothes, staging accessories, and even handwritten letters. Receiving handwritten letters is exciting for a child but if they still believe, you do not want them to pick up on the fact that โ€œElfโ€™sโ€ handwriting is the same as mom or dad. If you have multiple children, no problem! World Elf Organization will allow you to purchaseย additional child packagesย for only $7.50.

Each dayโ€™s staging accessories are wrapped individually. Parents can unpackage a day at a time and have it all set up within a couple of minutes.


The staging props and accessories are great quality which makes them Pinterest perfect for Instagram-worthy photos!

World Elf Organization wants to make sure that everyone can enjoy the holiday season without all the stress. So go ahead and check one more thing off your list โ€“ World Elf Organization has got you covered! You are going to love the simplicity but also the creative ideas that World Elf Organization packs into the box, so you donโ€™t have to scour Pinterest for ideas every day! This is especially helpful towards the end when it is time to say goodbye to the Christmas Elf…there are so many fun ideas and they make it so easy!

The Christmas Elf is a fun tradition that brings joy to both kids and parents alike.

However, it can be quite time-consuming for parents.

This is where the World Elf Organization comes in. They have put together a box full of daily ideas with GREAT props to make the Christmas Elf easy on parents yet still give kids creative ideas. You are going to love the simplicity.


Our kids LOVE the Christmas Elf and get so excited each day to wake up and see what he is up to! Having the Christmas Elf has also become a family affair! Our big kids love keeping the magic and spirit of Christmas alive for their younger siblings! They get so into the “elf shenanigans” and love taking turns setting him up for the next day!

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