“You need to take her to the Emergency Room.”


“You need to take her to the Emergency Room,” I heard her say as I sat there covered in projectile vomit and a puddle of my own tears. I looked up to examine my Pediatrician’s face as she looked over our two-month-old baby girl. I could see the worry in her eyes, and I knew we needed to act fast. Confirming my suggestion, she agreed AdventHealth for Children was the best ER to care for her, so we immediately went to their Downtown Campus on East Rollins Street.

During scary moments such as these, I cannot help but think how blessed we are to know a helping hand is right around the corner when we are in need. As a mother of three, I’m never surprised when one of our little ones fall ill, it’s to be expected, but the expectations do not help ease the moments when they actually come. In fact, it’s having access to pediatric emergency services in multiple cities here in Central Florida reduces my panic when we experience an emergency such as Charley’s.

AdventHealth for Children’s Emergency Department

Upon arrival at AdventHealth for Children’s Emergency Department, we were taken to a brightly lit, spacious, and clean child-friendly room. The smiling faces and calming presence of the staff, as well as the state-of-the-art technology used to care for Charley, helped relieve our worries of whether or not our daughter was going to be okay.

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As I explained to the doctors the course of events that led us to the ER, flashbacks of Charley’s face and stiff body overtook my mind. Tensing up, she’d freeze in time while in my arms and hold her breath. Knowing something wasn’t right, I called my sister to inform her and asked her for help. It was her advice which ultimately led us to the ER and standing before this team of specialists who were eager to step in and care for our sick baby.

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“She is in need of a Spinal Tap,” the doctor explained to my husband and me. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about what was to come. Because Charley was showing signs of seizure-like activity, the doctors requested a Spinal Tap to rule out any infections which may have been causing the episodes. The doctor noticed the sheer panic coming over us and took her time to explain what was going to happen and how they were planning to be with Charley every step of the way. She assured us Charley was in the best hands, and after meeting the child-life specialist, whose role was to comfort Charley, I knew in my heart she was right.

One foot in front of another, my husband and I joined hands and walked into the quiet and spacious waiting room as they performed the test. It’s not often I feel comfortable leaving my children, especially our newborn baby, with complete strangers but AdventHealth for Children’s staff has a way of making you feel safe and confident in leaving your little one in the care of their hands. In no time, we were greeted by a nurse with the news our hearts longed to hear, “She did great!” Pure relief and joy took over as I walked back into the room and noticed our baby girl smiling in the arms of our doctor.

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Feel Safe Close To Home

Surprisingly, the waiting period between the time the test was performed to the moment we received the results was not as long or worrisome as we’d imagined it to be. The nurses worked diligently to care for the three of us by delivering hearty snacks, water, and insight on what was to be expected for the rest of our time at the hospital. Their generosity and upbeat presence, as well as their urgency to create a clear care plan to lead Charley to heal, helped pass the little time we needed to wait. Of course, it usually always seems longer than it actually is when it involves the fate of your child but this scenario was different, and we have the amazing staff to thank for that.

“We are calling upstairs to prepare a room for you to stay,” the doctor shared as we listened to Charley’s test results which concluded Viral Meningitis and E.Coli. No parent longs for an opportunity to be admitted to the hospital, away from their home with their newborn baby, but after witnessing the hard work and dedication AdventHealth for Children’s Emergency Department’s staff provided, I felt safe, close to home.

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If you, too, experience an emergency situation, please know AdventHealth for Children has emergency care locations in Orlando, East Orlando, Winter Garden, Apopka, Altamonte, Winter Park, as well as a new location in Celebration. There are dedicated spaces just for kids, with specially trained staff to help put parents and children at ease.



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