If you’re looking for a truly authentic Florida experience, you’ve GOT to visit Gatorland! This is the place with all the alligators. Not some of the alligators, but ALL of the alligators. All the alligators that you could ever want to see in one day.

Gatorland has big alligators, little alligators, pregnant alligators, baby alligators and even white alligators! They have snakes and birds and spiders and crocodiles too. You can explore them all via the boardwalk area or by walking through or zip-lining over the alligator marshes.

Group Fun
Group Fun


You can ride a train around the park or catch an alligator show. Watch alligator wrestling, see alligators and other creatures in “Up Close Encounters” and don’t miss the Gator Jumparoo Show with your resident Florida bumpkins, Bo and Cooter. They’re decked out in denim overalls, backward baseball caps and all the tacky Florida trailer trash jokes you could want. They vie to see who can get the alligators to jump highest. Who knew alligators could jump like dolphins!

When you visit Florida, it’s imperative that you return home with tales of alligators and swamplands. If you want to skip the long drive and sweaty, bug-infested airboat ride in the Everglades, the next best thing is Gatorland. You’ll be able to take a picture holding an alligator or pose on top of one like a proper gator wrestler. Grab a bite to eat at Pearl’s Smokehouse where you can order up Pearl’s famous gator bites, if you’re so inclined.  Visit the gift shop to buy a stuffed alligator toy or any other Florida-alligator souvenir you might need.

Best of all you can buy a pack of hot dogs and throw them to the gators to eat. It’s just like feeding ducks, only slimier and infinitely more satisfying, especially when they swim over and jump on top of each other to get to the nibbles you tossed over.

Alligator Wrestlin’

Feeding Alligators
Feeding Alligators

Plan Your Trip!

Gatorland is open rain or shine, but be sure to check out their website and social media pages for prices, hours of operation, info about stroller and wheelchair rentals, and more!


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