30 At-Home 4th of July Activities & Food!

Staying home doesn’t mean we have to go without family fun this 4th of July!
We’ve listed 30 ways to help you make some amazing memories this holiday.
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4th of July Outdoor Activities

1. Cornhole

2. Sprinkler fun

3. Slip n’ slide

4. A Neighborhood Parade!

Decorate your bikes, wagons, golf carts and scooters! Grab your noise makers and go for a walk around the block, shouting, “Happy 4th of July!”

Click Here for ideas of how to make your 4th of July Wagon!

Click Here for Bike Parade Ideas for The 4th of July

5. Hula hoop competition

6. DYI balloon piñata

7. Build a bonfire or firepit (check local fire codes!)

8. Roast hot dogs and s’mores

9. Fireworks at home!

Check with your local fireworks tents for kid-friendly fireworks!

10. Driveway concert!

Create a patriotic playlist and turn up the volume for your very own 4th of July concert in the driveway! Bonus points for costumes!

4th of July INDOOR Activities

1. Eye Spy

2. Patriotic Glow stick party
(for extra points create glow stick people!)

3. Teach younger kids the Pledge of Allegiance

4. Tie-Dye patriotic family shirts

5. 4th of July Slime

Click here for DIY Slime recipe and instructions!

6. Free coloring pages here

Drinks & Cocktails

Red White And Blue Frozen Sangria

This frozen sangria recipe is layered with red, white, and blue – all naturally colored – for a patriotic summer flair. It’s perfect for summer parties – especially Fourth of July or Memorial Day! Get the recipe here.

Red, White, and Blue Spiked Lemonade

Happy Fourth of July! Raise a glass and enjoy your day off. Get into the spirit of the day with a red, white, and blue spiked lemonade! Get the recipe here.
BONUS POINTS if you can get the perfect layer… and we want to see your masterpiece! Tag us on Instagram @orlandomomcollective

How to make a LAYERED DRINK for kids!


  • 32 oz. Minute Maid Fruit Punch (OR high sugar red punch)
  • 32 oz. bottle White Cherry Powerade (OR white punch with less sugar content than red juice)
  • 32 oz. bottle Mixed Berry Powerade Zero (OR no sugar blue drink)

If you cannot find the exact juices, you can substitute other kinds. However, the sugar content is very important as it helps the different colors not mix as easily. The red is the highest sugar content of 38-40 grams sugar. The white is next at about 20-22 grams sugar. The blue should be only 0-8 grams sugar.

recipe and instructions by OhMyCreative.com


  • 1. Fill a glass to the top with ice. You may use any size glass you like.
  • 2. First, slowly pour the fruit punch into the glass going about 1/3 of the way up. Pour to the side of the ice so the ice stays free of color.
  • 3. Next, very slowly pour the white cherry Powerade into the glass going about another 1/3 of the way up.
  • 4. Last, very slowly pour the mixed berry Powerade into the glass to the top.
  • 5. Carefully put a straw into your glass and serve immediately.

4th of July FOOD

Red, White and Blue Summer Salad

Get recipe here 

Red, White and Blue Pretzels

get recipe here

Red White & Blue Gluten Free Cupcakes

Get recipe here

Red White and Blue Chex Mix™

Get recipe here

Red, White, and Blue Strawberries

Get recipe here

Stuffed Red, White & Blue Cheesecake Strawberries

Get recipe here

Red, White and Blue Finger Jello

Get recipe here


Get recipe here

Firecracker Pretzel Rods

Get recipe here

Patriotic Fruit Kabobs

get recipe here

 We want to see YOUR 4th of July creativity!

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Originally posted July 2020, Revised June 2021


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