When my husband and I decided it was time to move to Florida, we had to give our realtor a list of towns we wanted to check out. We knew that a new construction home was going to be our best option because of how quickly houses on the resale market were being bought. This meant that we needed to live a little way out from downtown Orlando.

As soon as my husband (our first exploratory trip was cancelled and he was the only one able to come when we rescheduled) arrived in Florida in February of 2022, he feel in love with Clermont. And that love has only grown deeper since our whole family arrived in June of 2022. We think it is the perfect town to raise a family in…

Let me tell you why:

    1. The Hills/Scenery – The city of Clermont is beautiful and surprisingly hilly. My experience with Central Florida before we moved was mostly contained to Walt Disney World property, so I assumed that Central Florida was all flat like Disney. Clermont proved me wrong. The hills remind me of growing up in Indiana (which is also hillier then many people would assume) so it felt like home immediately. The town is so beautiful and defiantly a huge plus to living here.
  1. Downtown Clermont – The small town feel full of local businesses along the lake is simply captivating. On the weekends, we love to go walking by the lake as a family and then grabbing food at a new restaurant downtown. It is a cute little downtown that has something for everyone in our extended family and friends to experience when they come to see us. From places to eat, breweries, the Farmers Market, the lake, the playgrounds/splash pad, there is so much to do and explore in Downtown Clermont.
  2. Proximity to Disney – Our family is annual pass holders as well a Disney Vacation Club members, so being close to the Most Magical Place on Earth was so important to us when deciding where to live. Our quickest route to Disney property is about 40 minutes at the moment, with tons of infrastructure coming that will lessen that time. We love to go to the parks after school on Fridays and the 40 minutes is the perfect about of time for us to chat about school and other things we want to do over the weekend before exploring a park for a couple hours. We also love that there is no pressure on our days at Disney to do everything now that we live so close.
  3. Cost of Living – We had planned for this move to Central Florida for some time and had a budget in mind before we really started shopping for a home. Our budget got us a gorgeous, new home a little further away from Downtown Orlando. The same budget would have meant 1) a much smaller home that 2) was in need of updating 3) on the resale market 4)in a town closer to Orlando proper, so for us, the trade off of a longer drive to many places around Orlando to have a bigger, newer home was worth it.
  4. Schools – Our oldest was set to start kindergarten just a month and a half after we arrived in Florida, so making sure she was in a good school was so important to us. We used resources like Great Schools and the Florida Department of Education to check out the schools in the areas we were thinking about moving to. The ratings of Lake County Schools were great across the board and with all the growth in the area, we know more schools to lessen the teacher:student ratios are coming. This was a huge factor for us in choosing what town in Central Florida we were going to call home for the years to come.

I hope these 5 reasons make you add Clermont to your list of potential towns for you and your family to live in when you move to Central Florida!


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