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I am a Disney World Annual Passholder and a Disney Vacation Club Member, so to say I have been to Disney a couple times is an understatement. My husband and I came to Disney World a handful of times before we moved here and we take our girls almost weekly now. I have lived and learned what MUST be in my bag to make our days successful with two littles.

First, you need the right bag. And I think I have found that unicorn of a bag for all moms of little kids at Disney World. The Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag II is perfect for many reasons! It has an insulated pocket inside to help keep water cold, the straps are sturdy but comfortable (an absolute must for a bag you could have on for hours at a time), it is easily washed with baby soap and water and the inside is full of pockets for organizing everything you’ll want to bring with you! I also love my customized bag tag from Etsy so that if my bag were ever forgotten or lost, someone would know how to get a hold of me!

My Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag II in leopard print with fence and Cinderella Castle behind it
My Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag II

Here is what I think you should put in your park bag:

  1. An insulated water bottle. Despite the insulated pocket inside my bag, I love being able to have super cold water with us in the parks – thanks Florida heat. I love my Corkcicle Sport Canteen for keeping water cold. Mine is Black Panther inspired, because he is my favorite Avenger, so of course a Disney themed bottle was necessary for the parks.

    Black Panther Corkcicle water bottle in Adventureland
    This bottle keeps water cold for hours on end!
  2. Food and Snacks. Disney food is expensive, even if you have an annual pass or DVC membership for discounts… so I love to bring food from home to help control our costs. I like to bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (because they don’t need to stay cool), apples, oranges, granola bars, pretzels, cookies and goldfish. I love reusable containers for the snack foods that my girls can use themselves and are easy to hold onto while we are moving. I pack everything else in a plastic bag so it’s easy for everyone to see what is left and serve themselves.
  3. Travel First Aid Kit – because someone is inevitably going to trip and fall or get a blister. It’s nice to be able to have something handy in my bag to treat small scrapes and such without needing to take a trip to Disney First Aid.
  4. Rain Gear – because that afternoon rain shower can come up quick and there is nothing worse than being soaking wet at 2pm when you’ve planned on being in the park for the full day. I also love having rain gear that comes with a bag to keep my bag neat and tidy. I also have a rain coat for myself that fits in a bag. There are also a lot of disposable options, but I like the idea of reusing them! Do note that Disney security will pick up on any umbrella you bring in your bag and they ask that you pull them out of the bag before you go through the metal detectors. You’re free to bring them in, but to reduce your risk of being pulled aside for additional screenings, take it out of your bag first. Again, I love an umbrella that is self contained to keep my bag neat.
  5. A portable charger – Especially if you are going to spend the full day in the park, there is nothing worse than a dead phone. Disney does have options for you to buy fuel cells in the park, but just come prepared so you do not have to make an unnecessary trip to get one!
There you have it! The 5 things you must have in your Disney park bag!
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