AS Hanging Designs System


    Presentation, presentation, presentation! Today, more than ever, our society is obsessed with presentation! From the perfectly prepared dinner, or a Pinterest-worthy baby nursery, we all LOVE to show off our creations!

    So it’s a no-brainer when we find an ah-ha solution that makes our lives not only easier and simple, but sleek and picture-perfect! And that solution is the AS Hanging System.

    Imagine an area where you can easily display your child’s school artwork.

    Or a clean organized area for hanging photos, notes for the kids, displaying the weekly menu, and the infamous honey-do list!

    Hanging systems can help create great displays on any surface, without putting holes in your artwork or the wall.

    Do you have a stone or brick area in your home that is difficult to display family photos? A cable display system is your solution! (Their blog has some excellent ideas for a gallery wall layout style!)

    AS Hanging System‘s unique solutions are cost-efficient, attractive and safe. They have many advantages that industry-standard hanging solutions of the past (such as cork rail and standard hooks) do not have. They will enable you to create beautiful and unique displays in your home with ease.

    AS Hanging System is not only great for the home, but for the office and much, much more. Visit their Facebook and Twitter pages for more ideas and info.

    AND… if you have an amazing AS Hanging System to show off, share it with us on Instagram! I’m certain we will be jealous!


    1. We’re considering a lease on a rental property that was recently repainted, and I get the feeling that the landlord won’t take kindly to many holes in the walls. I remembered seeing this article some time ago, but honestly didn’t have a great need for such a solution at the time. I’m glad this was here for me to go back and reference. I remembered the name of your company from seeing the piece on Orlando Moms Blog the first time. Thanks for the inspiration!


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