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I have recently gotten into audiobooks. I was always a physical book or Kindle gal before, but recently I was gifted an audiobook by an author I adore, and now I am #teamaudiobook.


Let me tell you.

I can listen to audiobooks literally anywhere while doing almost anything.

  • Driving home from school drop off? Yes!
  • Driving to school pick up? Yes!
  • Folding laundry? Yes!
  • Making dinner? Yes!
  • Vacuuming? Yes!
  • While exercising? Also yes!

The only downside (maybe?) to finding a love for audiobooks is that I am way behind on my Netflix shows.


No matter what people may say, audiobooks are as much reading as reading an ebook on your Kindle or busting out a physical book from the library. You are still learning about how to improve yourself or history or immersing yourself into a fictional world or whatever topics you love to read about! The method of how that story or information gets to you doesn’t matter in the slightest.

I have started to keep track of the books I listen to on audio in a separate category in my Goodreads, but you better believe those books are still counting towards my 2023 goal of finishing 200 books.

Jenny Proctor has quickly become an author that I will read (and now listen) everything she writes, her stories never disappoint me. They are sweet romantic comedies, so you are guaranteed a happy ending, guaranteed to laugh out loud and you’ll read minimum spice (so closed door romance scenes with nothing more than amazing kisses). So when she offered up spots on an Advanced Listening Team for new audiobooks she was producing, I jumped at the opportunity. I was gifted a copy of her book “Love Unexpected” in exchange for an honest review on audiobooks.com but I feel it necessary to spread the word even more!

After all, this book got me started on my love for audiobooks…

Love Unexpected by Jenny Proctor
Love Unexpected by Jenny Proctor

Not only is the cover super cute, but the story is too. Rosie works for her crush, Issac. Because of her social anxiety, Rosie decides to send him some of her old artwork of a band they both love from an old Instagram account of hers. The thing is, the old account uses her real name and not the name Issac knows her as. So when Issac starts communicating with Rosie’s old account, he doesn’t know it is his employee on the other end. Through a series of hilarious events and some serious meddling from their friends, Rosie and Issac end up on a road trip to Kansas to meet “Anna” (AKA Rosie). I loved the duel POV in this book, and the audiobook version has two narrators to play Rosie and Issac which made it even better!

Now a days, my reading consists of physical books, ebooks and audiobooks. #allthebooks

So grab your earbuds and start listening!

Let me know in the comments!

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