I never thought I would be a mom. It was not part of my dreams growing up, or the plans I had envisioned for myself. I wasn’t the babysitting kind either. Me and kiddos just didn’t mix. In fact, they down right terrified me. I was career driven. My dreams were to climb that fancy corporate ladder. I wanted to be a woman of the world, or so I thought. Somewhere along they way, though, all of these plans changed. My heart changed. I got married, made every excuse in the book for why we needed to wait to start a family, and then we were blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy.

Once that sweet baby was placed in my arms, my world – my heart – my very being – was completely and utterly altered. I still remember feeling terrified as my son was placed in my arms in the hospital. Almost feeling like I was going to break him, or even worse, make some kind of a wrong decision that would alter his life course. I didn’t want the nurses to leave me. They were the experts, after-all, right? I remember one of the nurses telling me, “Honey, you’ve got this! Because you’re a mom now. You are all he needs. You’ll figure it out.

Because We're Moms

And, you know what? She was right. It may sometimes feel like THE hardest job ever, but we do it. Why? ….Because we’re moms.  

Because we’re moms, we love with a fierceness that we didn’t know we had, but we also are loved back with that same kind of love.

Because we’re moms, we push through exhaustion, pain and sickness to care for our little ones. There often are no sick days or rest for the weary.

Because we’re moms, we hurt when they hurt. We hug them when they cry. We protect them from all the dark in the world. For as long as we can, we show them the world is made of rainbows and unicorns, and then when it’s not, we teach them & guide them as best we can.

Because we’re moms, we let them have the last cookie when they ask, even if we really were saving it for ourselves for later. But, we also hide in the closet and eat the next box because we don’t want to share….and that’s OK, too! 

Because we’re moms, we are their very first best friends. The keepers of their deepest thoughts, questions, and dreams. We don’t take this honor lightly.

Because we’re moms, we lean on our tribe of other mamas, family and friends for help in this incredible journey, as it can be a bumpy road, at times, and these little people don’t come with instruction manuals. 

Because we’re moms, their laugh can brighten our darkest days.

Because we’re moms, we can kiss away the boo-boos and tell them everything is going to be okay….even if sometimes we really aren’t sure it will be. Our strength makes them stronger. Believe it, mamas!

Because we’re moms, we hold their hands for a little while…..but they will hold our hearts forever.


  1. And because we are Moms our little girls will ALWAYS be our little girls and our little boys will ALWAYS be our little boys! I love you with all my heart Heather and I’m very proud of the woman and wonderful mother you have become!


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