In Defense of Lucky Charms


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Today is a fun day to celebrate with your kids. Lots of green clovers and rainbows and leprechauns – and an occasion for us grown-ups to drink our favorite Irish whiskey or pint of Guinness.

My favorite tradition for this special day is to share my favorite childhood cereal with my kids: Lucky Charms!

When I was little I absolutely LOVED Lucky Charms – but my mother never let me have them. I’d wait until I visit my grandparents for a week in the summer so I could convince my grandmother to buy a box for me. Oh how I loved my Lucky Charms!

When I went away to college I totally indulged in my Lucky Charms obsession. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – Lucky Charms was always the answer. Some folks go to university and throw themselves into ramen noodles or ice cream or french fries from the dorm cafeteria. For me, it was Lucky Charms all the way.

That said, I follow in my mother’s footsteps and I don’t let my kids eat Lucky Charms either. We have Cheerios and Rice Krispies in the cupboard but no Lucky Charms. Well, that’s true 51 weeks of the year – but not this week.


The way we celebrate St Patrick’s Day is by having Lucky Charms. It’s the one time of the year I let the kids enjoy the marshmallowy goodness, the sugar coated milk and the crunchy little oats. Yum, yum, yum.

This is our family tradition. Lucky Charms on St Patrick’s Day. So, in defense of children and leprechauns everywhere, I urge you to make a run to the grocery store today and get your kids Lucky Charms. We take life seriously but sometimes let’s just have fun and eat those Lucky Charms!




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