Goldfish Swim School: A Stress Free, Play Based, Swim Solution



Florida life is water life! Whether it’s June or December, it’s not uncommon to have access to, or being actively enjoying water activities. We have one of the most desirable lifestyles in Florida as a result of our water access and weather; however, it comes with great responsibility. Drowning consistently ranks as the number one cause of death for children ages 5 and under and continues to be a threat to children up to age 14. Did you know that water-related accidents are the number two cause of injury to children through age 14?! 
All this to say, water safety is an absolute necessity for our kiddos – especially here in Florida. I was raised in and around water, and I couldn’t imagine any different for my kids. All three of my little ones began swim classes as infants/toddlers. It’s been such a blessing for our family that our kids developed a love for water and swimming early in life. It has also given us, as parents, a little piece of mind to know that we are providing them with life-saving skills. 
Outside of safety skills, getting infants/toddlers in the water earlier provides an environment that helps foster cognitive development and activity that parents and little ones can bond over – which is precisely what we love about Goldfish Swim School. We are currently taking Goldfish Swim School’s Mini Class and my son and I BOTH love it. We enjoy the time that we spend together in the water, and the Goldfish Swim play-based teaching methods keep my little guy excited to come back for more while also learning his skills at the same time. It’s exciting to see him develop the strength to climb out of the pool as well as learn to hold his breath underwater for longer lengths of time. 
At Goldfish Swim School, their Science of SwimPlay® curriculum ensures that kids have a positive experience in the pool and have fun while learning essential life skill. Students play games, interact with their peers and learn to love (and be safe in) the water. Kids learn best through play! Parents and kids enjoy themselves in the water while also building critical water safety skills.
Mini classes introduce fundamental swimming skills in to the curriculum. Little ones learn much more than just how to climb out of the pool or work on breath control.

I could rave on and on about the play based instruction, but the facility is another treat all on its own! The first that you notice when you walk through the doors at Goldfish, aside from the warm greetings, is the fun atmosphere. The themed decor immediately puts little ones at ease. From an adult perspective, it’s just as appealing. They have thought. Of. Everything. From showers stocked with shampoo to the blow dry bar, and swimsuit dryer Goldfish Swim has everything you need. 

                                         Picture Credit: Evelyn, 6

However, hands down, the most significant selling point for our family is the play based style of swim instruction. There is no denying how lucky we are to live in Florida with year-round pool and water weather, but it’s so essential for us to Florida mommas to remember you can never be too cautious or vigilant. Mom to mom I would highly recommend Goldfish Swim to anyone! 

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Goldfish Swim School Facebook Page  &  Website
or give them a call at 407-410-4660


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