Kids, Face Masks & Your Sanity


face mask

It’s almost like the floor is a magnet for my kids’ freshly laundered face masks. Somehow, they always ended up there. Since the beginning of the pandemic, remembering or otherwise policing my kids’ face masks has become like a second job – as if I needed one. So here are a few things I’ve learned along the way to make #masklife with kids a little less chaotic: 

1. Hanging Strap FTW

This is the single best invention of Quarantine 2020. And I like it even better knowing that a mom of 3 came up with the idea because her own kids couldn’t hang onto their masks. If you don’t have some of these, you need them! Their lightweight, machine washable and are about the only thing I’ve found that lets the kids successfully hang onto their own mask. Check it out – it’s called the Face Mask Friend. You’ll thank me later.

face mask

2. Make Laundry Fun

Yes, oxymoron. But imagine this … a “clean masks” and “dirty masks” bin by the door. This way the kids can help you sort laundry simply by tossing them into the dirty bin. And it’s much easier to tell when you need to run a pile of them through the washing machine. Plus, this really does help set up the habit of washing them frequently.

face mask laundry

3. Got a Spare?

The worst possible feeling is arriving at your destination without the masks. What are you supposed to do? Turn around? Risk everyone’s health? Cry? Eliminate this stressor by keeping a spare set in your car. Simply fold up a few and put them in a baggie in the glove compartment or side door. I even keep a spare for my spare in my purse! Double coverage!


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